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Saturday 3 December 2022

Life skill education - check your child's skills here

Life skill education - check your child's skills here

Life skill education is a form of education that focuses on cultivating personal life skills such as self-reflection, critical thinking, problem solving, and interpersonal skills.

ગ્રેજ્યુએશનમાં અભ્યાસ 4 વર્ષનો થશે જોવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

In 1986, the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion recognized life skills in terms of making better health decisions. The 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child linked life skills with education by stating that education should be oriented towards the development of the child's maximum potential.

The Jomtien Declaration on Education for All of 1990 expanded on this vision and included life skills among the essential learning tools for survival, capacity development, and quality of life.

The Dakar 2000 World Education Conference adopted the position that all young people and adults have the human right to benefit from "an education that includes learning to know, to do, to live together and to be", and included life skills in two out of six EFA Goals.

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Life skill education is now recognized as a methodology to address a variety of child and youth development issues and thematic responses, including as expressed in UNGASS on HIV / AIDS (2001), UNGASS on children (2002 ), World Youth Report (2003). ), World Program for Human Rights Education (2004), United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005), Study of the United Nations Secretary-General on Violence against Children (2006), 51st Commission of the Juridical and Social Condition of Women (2007), and World Development Report (2007).

Life skill education is patterns of behavior and behavioral interactions. Among people, it is a general term for skills under three related skill sets: personal effectiveness, interaction skills, and advocacy skills.

This is an area of ​​exploration on how a person behaves and how they are perceived regardless of their thoughts and feelings.

It is also elaborated as a dynamic between personal ecology (cognitive, affective, physical and spiritual dimensions) and its function with the personality styles of other people in numerous environments (life events, institutions, life challenges, etc.).

The British dictionary definition is "the ability to communicate effectively with people in a friendly manner, especially in business" or personal effectiveness skills. In business it is a connection between people on a human level to achieve productivity.

શાળામાં બાલવૃંદની રચના કરી પ્રવૃત્તિઓનું આયોજન કરવા બાબત

બાલવૃંદની રચના ફાઈલ ડાઉનલોડ કરો અહીંથી

ઇનોવેશન ફેસ્ટિવલ વર્ષ 2022/23 આયોજન બાબતે પરિપત્ર

Life skill education describes social skills as:

અગત્યની લીંક

ધોરણ 1 માં બાળકોને પ્રવેશ આપવા બાબત પરિપત્ર

Ability to communicate, understand and empathize effectively.

Ability to interact with others in a respectful manner and develop a productive working relationship to minimize conflict and maximize the relationship.Ability to generate sincerity and trust; moderate behaviors and improve agreeableness.
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બાલમેળા અને લાઈફ સ્કિલ મેળાના આયોજન બાબત પરિપત્ર

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