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Thursday 26 August 2021




The people who have a little knowledge about the investing industry might have come across the term AMC. Doesn't it sound very technical? Do you know the full form of AMC? No! Then here is presenting the insights of AMCs and a brief overview of TATA Mutual Fund. AMC is the abbreviated form of Asset Management Company. Don't be scared! It is not some rocket science which would baffle you. An Asset Management Company or AMC is a business firm that confers the amenity to invest in mutual funds.

All the investing schemes existing in the market are provided by one AMC or the other. The elementary task done by all the AMCs is to pool the money of numerous clients and invest it into the stock market. As we all know, the mutual funds serve as the proxy to equity investment. Thus, AMC is an instrument mitigating the back-breaking drudgery of the clients.

TATA group has signified its presence in almost all the sectors viz, information technology, finance, automobiles, consultancy services, etc. A symbol of excellence and certitude since 1868, TATA group has proved its worth in all the spheres it has set its foot. In this section we would discuss about the mutual fund segment of the company named TATA mutual fund.

You might have heard the phrase " Family is like a tree and all the members are like its branches". The phrase signifies the importance of a family. You might be thinking the authenticity of the phrase here. TATA group is the family tree which is referred here. And the branches are the diversified sectors. All the divisions cater to divergent necessities of customers but they all share the common roots. Therefore, TATA mutual fund is a sub-division of the main company, but it inseminates identical credos as the parent organization.

Glimpse of TATA mutual fund

This subsidiary of the TATA group finds its origin in the year 1995. Having a panorama of servicing the common people and not limiting its grasp to a small segment of citizens. The instigator of the parent company Late Mr. J.R.D. Tata, eyed on the spectacular growth prospectus of the company to forge the future. He strongly believed in the saying,"The best way to predict the future is to create it". He was a man of wisdom and foresightedness. Moving ahead as mentored by the founder, TATA mutual fund has been able to utilize the far-fetched experience of the parent company in customer dealing and marketing as well.

Acknowledging all your desires you intend to fulfill via an investment, this AMC has successfully launched a mixed-bag of schemes for its clients. So, whether you may aspire for a scheme which will alleviate the tautness of your financial position after retirement or you are in search for a plan supplying capital appreciation which will fund your asset building in future. You will have it all done with the help of a single AMC.

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Hence, investing in a mutual fund can be beneficial for you in many regards. The schemes will undoubtedly prove to be more effective than any other alternative method of saving.

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5th સપ્ટેમ્બર શિક્ષક દિનની ઉજવણી લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

You load your wallets with cash and that we load your pockets with earnings.

Don’t think extensively, download all new JioPos Lite: “Jio’s Chhota packet made with earnings ka bada dhamaka”

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Wednesday 25 August 2021

Uchlo School Chale Hum: Educational work of 32 lakh students will start in 20 thousand schools of Std. 6 to 8 in Gujarat from September 2.

 Uchlo School Chale Hum: Educational work of 32 lakh students will start in 20 thousand schools of Std. 6 to 8 in Gujarat from September 2.

 It has been decided to start standard 6 to 8 schools from Thursday.  After the meeting, Minister of State for Education Bhupendrasinh Chudasama told reporters that the educational work of 32 lakh students studying in classes 6 to 8 in Gujarat will start from Thursday, September 2.  Students will be called to schools with 50 per cent capacity.  Classes of more than 20 thousand schools will start.  At present, the educational work of standard 9 to 12 is going offline in Gujarat.

 Online classes will continue along with offline

 Offline schools of Std. 12 from July 15 and Std. 9 to 11 have been started from July 26 all over Gujarat.  Then Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama has given hints to start other standard classes in the coming days.  The Education Minister said that as the transition to Corona has eased, classes 9 to 11 have started.  Then other classes will start in the coming days.  A meeting of the core committee will be held to decide when to start more classes.  However children are not required to come to school.  Schools, on the other hand, will have to continue online classes, the education minister said.

 58 percent of parents agreed

 The second wave of Corona is now fading.  Then the Gujarat government has become active to start the classes of Std. 6 to 8 again.  On the other hand, Udgam School for Children and Zebar School for Children in Ahmedabad approached the parents for what they wanted to send their children to school.  As many as 58 per cent parents expressed their desire to send their children to school.  Both schools contacted 1,850 parents in grades 6 to 8, of whom 1,323 responded.  Of these, 58 per cent i.e. 778 parents showed readiness to send their children to school after getting government approval.

 Parents are reluctant to send their children to school

 Amidst the possibilities of the third wave of Corona, schools have been launched offline, with students being taught with 50 per cent capacity.  Parents are also worried about the third wave, which is why they are avoiding sending their child to school for offline study.  Parents have appealed to the government to make a good study in online education.  On the other hand, with the introduction of offline education in schools, the burden of teaching online has also increased, so that schools are also persuading parents to send their children to school for offline education.

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 Classes 6 to 8 started on February 18.

 In Gujarat, offline education was started in schools due to the corona epidemic, but after the corona cases were brought under control after January, the government again announced the introduction of offline education in schools.  Classes 6 to 8 in the state were started on February 18, 2021.  At that time the children were admitted by checking through mask, sanitizer, oximeter, thermalgun.  At that time, only 10 children were accommodated in the class with a capacity of 40, but the schools had to be closed again after the second wave of Corona started in March.

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Saturday 21 August 2021




Mutual funds are those professionally managed investment pools that, in a way, show the performance of several varied securities like stocks, bonds, and shares. They are usually organized by an advisory firm for the purpose of offering the fund's shareholders a specific investment goal.

With this, investors can buy shares of a mutual fund, for instance, the stock of a company. Anyone buying shares in the fund becomes a part owner and wants to take part often because of those investment goals. To manage the company, the shareholders choose a board of directors to oversee the operations of the business and the portfolio.

Most of the time, the value of these mutual funds are calculated once a day and that is based on what the fund's current net asset value is. A real estate mutual funds is one that invests in the real estate securities from around the world.

The real estate mutual funds usually tend to concentrate the investing strategy on the real estate investments trusts and real estate companies. These real estate investments trusts are mostly companies that purchase and manage real estate with help from the funds that were collected from the investors.

A mutual fund NAV is a special type of company that pools together money from many investors and invests it on behalf of the group in accordance with a stated set of objectives.

Mutual funds raise the money by selling shares of the fund to the public, much like any other company can sell its stock to the public. Funds then take the money they receive from the sale of their shares (along with any money made from previous investments) and use it to purchase various investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds, and money market instruments.

Most investors pick mutual funds based on recent fund performance, the suggestion of a friend, and/or the praise bestowed on them by a financial magazine or fund rating agency. While using these methods can lead one to selecting a quality fund, they can also lead you in the wrong direction and wondering what happened to that "great pick."

The past history is a good indicator, though not a guarantee, that a fund will do well. If you are investing long-term, the history will be of more importance than in a short-term situation as they say lightening rarely strikes the same place twice. When picking mutual funds, you have to rely on the fund manager so researching him/her is also a good idea. The fund is only as good as the one who is in charge of it.


શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઓનલાઇન ક્વિઝ નં.1 
શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઓનલાઈન ક્વિઝ નં 2
શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઓનલાઈન ક્વિઝ નં 3
શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઓનલાઈન ક્વિઝ નં 4
શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઓનલાઈન ક્વિઝ નં 5
શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઓનલાઈન ક્વિઝ નં 6
શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઑનલાઇન ક્વિઝ નં 7
શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઑનલાઇન ક્વિઝ નં 8
શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઑનલાઇન ક્વિઝ નં 9
શિક્ષક સજજતા ઓનલાઇન ક્વિઝ નં. 11
શિક્ષક સજજતા ઓનલાઇન ક્વિઝ નં.12
શિક્ષક સજજતા ઓનલાઈન ક્વિઝ નં-13
શિક્ષક સજજતા ઓનલાઇન ક્વિઝ નં 14
શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઓનલાઇન ક્વિઝ નં 15
શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઓનલાઇન ક્વિઝ નં 16
શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઓનલાઇન ક્વિઝ નં 17

શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઓનલાઇન ક્વિઝ નં 18
શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઓનલાઇન ક્વિઝ નં 19
શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઓનલાઈન ક્વિઝ:-૨૪
શિક્ષક સજ્જતા ઓનલાઈન ક્વિઝ:-૨૫

સ્ફૂલ્સ ઓફ એક્સલન્સ ભાગ ૧ 20 માર્ક્સ મોસ્ટ Imp ક્વિઝ

NEW શિક્ષક સજ્જતા સર્વેક્ષણ કસોટી  વિષય :-શાળા મૂલ્યાંકન વિભાગ કસોટી By CRC Vithon Ta.Nakhatrana Di.Kutch

NEWગુણોત્સવ ૨.૦ પાર્ટ-૧ અતિ મહત્વ ૨૦ માર્કસની ક્વિઝ

પ્રજ્ઞા ના અતિ મહત્વ ૨૦ માર્કસની ક્વિઝ

NEP 2020(નવી શિક્ષણ નીતિ 2020) ૨૦ માર્ક્સ ક્વીઝ 

 RTE ACT 2009 અતિ મહત્વના ૨૦ પ્રશ્ન ક્વીઝ 

વહીવટી જ્ઞાન ૨૦ માર્ક્સ Imp ક્વીઝ 

 શૈક્ષણિક મનોવિજ્ઞાન અતિ મહત્વ ના ૨૦ પ્રશ્ન ક્વીઝ 

ગુણોત્સવ ૨.૦ પાર્ટ-૨ અતિ મહત્વ ૨૦ માર્કસની ક્વિઝ

 શૈક્ષણિક મનોવિજ્ઞાન ભાગ-૨  અતિ મહત્વ ના ૨૦ પ્રશ્ન ક્વીઝ

સ્ફૂલ્સ ઓફ એક્સલન્સ ભાગ ૨ 20 માર્ક્સ મોસ્ટ Imp ક્વિઝ

NEW શિક્ષણ ના લગતા ખુબજ અગત્યના FULL FORMS ક્વીઝ 

NEW શિક્ષણ વિભાગ ના મહત્વ ૨૦ પ્રશ્નો ની ક્વીઝ 

શિક્ષક સજ્જતા સર્વેક્ષણ 2021 બાબત

In essence, medical coverage options for teachers are the same as standard health insurance plans. What can differ are the types of coverage, benefits, and limits selected by teachers. This is largely due to the fact that their needs will be different from other industries, a fact that is especially true for expat teachers who go home during their breaks.

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Mukhyamantri MA Amrutam Yojana: Hospital List


Mukhyamantri MA Amrutam Yojana: Hospital List

Mukhyamantri MA Amrutam Yojana: Hospital List

For people who are living below poverty line And lower income group, an illness not only represents a permanent threat to their income and earning capacity, but in many cases it results in the family falling into a trap of debt. When need to get treatment arises for a poor family they often ignore it because of lack of resources, fearing loss of wages, or they wait till the last moment when it is too late. Health and poverty are interwoven. These families are pushed into a vicious debt poverty cycle due to excessive expenditures arising out of catastrophic health shocks.
MA Amrutam Pradhan Mantri Vatsalya Yojana Benefits.
Maa Amrutam Card Benefits
Maa Amrutam Card Documents
Mukhyamantri Amrutam Yojana Features
Maa Card Online Application
Mukhyamantri Amrutam Yojana Hospital List
Maa Card Hospital List
Maa Card Helpline Number
Maa Amrutam Pradhan Mantri Vatsalya Yojana Mate Required Document..
Aadhar Card
Residential Proof
BPL Card
Identify Proof
Income Proof
Surgeries Covered in this Scheme
(1)Cardiovascular Surgeries (a total 153 Benefit Packages)
(2)Neurosurgery (a total 49 Benefit Packages)
Burns (a total 12 Benefit Packages)
(3)Poly Trauma (Not covered by Motor Vehicle Insurance) (a total 8 Benefit Packages)
(4)Cancer (Malignancies) (Surgical Oncology, Chemotherapy & Radiation Oncology) (a total 210 Benefit Packages)
(5)Renal (Kidney) (a total 21 Benefit Packages)
(6)Neonatal (newborn) diseases (a total 23 Benefit Packages) check detail

Mukhyamantri MA Amrutum Yojana provides quality medical and surgical care for the catastrophic illnesses involving hospitalization, surgeries and therapies through an em panel network of hospitals to the BPL families.
Maa Amrutam Pradhan Mantri Vatsalya Yojana Package List.

 आयुष्मान भारत 


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A contract of Insurance comes into being when a person seeking insurance protection enters into a contract with the insurer to indemnify him against loss of property by or incidental to fire and or lightening, explosion, etc. This is primarily a contract and hence as is governed by the general law of contract. However, it has certain special features as insurance transactions, such as utmost faith, insurable interest, indemnity, subrogation and contribution, etc. these principles are common in all insurance contracts and are governed by special principles of law.

*તારીખ 24-8-2021ના રોજ રાજ્યની તમામ સરકારી પ્રાથમિક શાળા ના સમયમાં ફેરફાર બાબત*
*આજનો પરિપત્ર* 👇



*💥✅ શિક્ષક સજ્જતા અંગે સંદેશ ન્યુઝ લાઈવે જુઓ*

*શરી વિનોદરાવ  સાહેબ ની પ્રેસ કોન્ફરન્સ*


According to S. 2(6A), "fire insurance business" means the business of effecting, otherwise than incidentally to some other class of insurance business, contracts of insurance against loss by or incidental to fire or other occurrence, customarily included among the risks insured against in fire insurance business.

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સ્કૂલ ઓફ એક્સીલેન્સ કવીઝ અહીંથી આપો

According to Halsbury, it is a contract of insurance by which the insurer agrees for consideration to indemnify the assured up to a certain extent and subject to certain terms and conditions against loss or damage by fire, which may happen to the property of the assured during a specific period.
Thus, fire insurance is a contract whereby the person, seeking insurance protection, enters into a contract with the insurer to indemnify him against loss of property by or incidental to fire or lightning, explosion etc. This policy is designed to insure one's property and other items from loss occurring due to complete or partial damage by fire.

In its strict sense, a fire insurance contract is one:

1. Whose principle object is insurance against loss or damage occasioned by fire.

2. The extent of insurer's liability being limited by the sum assured and not necessarily by the extent of loss or damage sustained by the insured: and

શરી શિક્ષણમંત્રી ભુપેન્દ્રસિંહ ચુડાસમા સાહેબ ની પ્રેસ કોન્ફરન્સ*

*⏱️૨.૩૦ વાગ્યાથી શરુ*

એબીપી અસ્મિતા લાઈવ

3. The insurer having no interest in the safety or destruction of the insured property apart from the liability undertaken under the contract.

*શરી વિનોદરાવ  સાહેબ ની પ્રેસ કોન્ફરન્સ*

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There is no statutory enactment governing fire insurance, as in the case of marine insurance which is regulated by the Indian Marine Insurance Act, 1963. the Indian Insurance Act, 1938 mainly dealt with regulation of insurance business as such and not with any general or special principles of the law relating fire of other insurance contracts. So also the General Insurance Business (Nationalization) Act, 1872. in the absence of any legislative enactment on the subject , the courts in India have in dealing with the topic of fire insurance have relied so far on judicial decisions of Courts and opinions of English Jurists.

In determining the value of property damaged or destroyed by fire for the purpose of indemnity under a policy of fire insurance, it was the value of the property to the insured, which was to be measured. Prima facie that value was measured by reference of the market value of the property before and after the loss. However such method of assessment was not applicable in cases where the market value did not represent the real value of the property to the insured, as where the property was used by the insured as a home or, for carrying business. In such cases, the measure of indemnity was the cost of reinstatement. In the case of Lucas v. New Zealand Insurance Co. Ltd.[1] where the insured property was purchased and held as an income-producing investment, and therefore the court held that the proper measure of indemnity for damage to the property by fire was the cost of reinstatement.

શિક્ષકોના સર્વેક્ષણ અંતર્ગત ઉપયોગી ઓછા સમયમાં વધુ તૈયારી કરવા માટે માત્ર MOST IMP પ્રશ્નો ના વિડિયો નીચે આપેલ છે

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The date of conclusion of a contract of insurance is issuance of the policy is different from the acceptance or assumption of risk. Section 64-VB only lays down broadly that the insurer cannot assume risk prior to the date of receipt of premium. Rule 58 of the Insurance Rules, 1939 speaks about advance payment of premiums in view of sub section (!) of Section 64 VB which enables the insurer to assume the risk from the date onwards. If the proposer did not desire a particular date, it was possible for the proposer to negotiate with insurer about that term. Precisely, therefore the Apex Court has said that final acceptance is that of the assured or the insurer depends simply on the way in which negotiations for insurance have progressed. Though the following are risks which seem to have covered Fire Insurance Policy but are not totally covered under the Policy. Some of contentious areas are as follows:

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■ રાષ્ટ્રીય નવી શિક્ષણ નીતિ 2020 સમજૂતી સરળ ભાષામાં ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

FIRE: Destruction or damage to the property insured by its own fermentation, natural heating or spontaneous combustion or its undergoing any heating or drying process cannot be treated as damage due to fire. For e.g., paints or chemicals in a factory undergoing heat treatment and consequently damaged by fire is not covered. Further, burning of property insured by order of any Public Authority is excluded from the scope of cover.

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Saturday 14 August 2021

Most Useful Application 2021

 Most Useful Application 2021

WebSphere Application Server is a platform on which Java-based business applications run. WebSphere Application Server Is an implementation of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition(J2ee) Specification.

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WebSphere Application Server provides services (database connectivity, threading, workload management, and so forth) that can be used by the business applications. The main element is the application server, a java process that encapsulates many services, including the containers, where business logic executes. If you are familiar with J2EE, you will recognize the Web Container and the EJB container. The Web container executes Servlets and JavaServer Pages(JSPs), both of which are java classes that generate markup to be viewed by a Web browser.

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 Traffic into and out of the Web Container travels through the embedded HTTP Server. While Servlets and JSPs can act independently, they most commonly make calls to Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) to executes business logic or access data. EJBs, which run in the EJB container, are easily reusable java classes.

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 They most commonly communicate with a relational database or other external source of application data, either returning that data to the Web container or making changes to the data on behalf of the servlet or JSP.

The JMS messaging engine is built into the application server. This is a pure-java messaging engine. JMS destinations, known as queues and topics provide asynchronous messaging services to the code running inside the containers, JMS will be covered in more depth later in this course.

As you will see in more detail later on, the web services engine enables application components to be exposed as web services, which can be accessed using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

Several other services run within the application server, including the dynamic cache, data replication, security, and others. These will be covered later in this course.

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There are also some important components outside of the application server process.
WebSphere Application Server also provides a plug-in for HTTP servers that determines what HTTP traffic is intended to be handled by WebSphere, and routes the requests to the appropriate server. The plug-in is also a critical player in workload management of HTTP requests, as it can distribute the load to multiple application server, as well as steer traffic away from unavailable servers. It too roads its configuration from a special XML file.

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One of the servervices provided within the application server is the admin service. This service allows for the ability to configure the application server. This files necessary for configuration are stored outside of the actual application server in a set of XML configuration files. There is an application that runs within the Web application-the admin console.

WebSphere Architecture Administration

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There are two main tools used to administer WebSphere Application Server:1) The Administrative console, and 2) wsadmin command line tool.

The Server's Configuration is stored in a set of XML files, often referred to as the configuration repository. These files define the server itself, as well as resources and services that it provides. One of the services provided within the application server is the admin service. This service allows for the ability to configure the application server. The files necessary for configuration are stored outside of the actual application server in a set of XML configuration files. There is an application that runs within the Web container that provides user the ability to administer the application server via a Web application- the admin console. Here you see the communication from the browser all the way back to the XML configuration files. Wsadmin can be used to administer the application server in two ways. 1) Via SOAP by communicating with the embedded HTTP server. 2) By using RMI (the default) to communicate directly with the admin service.

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One of the services provided within the application server is the admin service. This service allows for the ability to configure the application server. The files necessary for configuration are stored outside of the actual application server in a set of XML configuration files. There is an application that runs within the Web container that provides users the ability to administer the application server via a Web application-the admin console.

WebSphere profiles overview

Profiles are the way that you are allowed to run more than one application server on a single installation of WebSphere product files.

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Profiles are sets of files that represent a WebSphere Application Server configuration. WebSphere Application Server files are split into two categories. 1) Product files Set of shared read-only static files or product binaries shared by any instances of the WebSphere Application Server product. 2) Configuration files (profiles) Set of user-customizable data files. Files include: WebSphere configuration, installed applications, resource adapters, properties, log files, and so forth. Each profile uses the same product files, Simpler than multiple WebSphere installations, Less disk space, Simplifies application of product updates.

Under the WebSphere installation directory<was_root></was_root>

there are subdirectories for each profile. In the example above there are two application servers running that are each configure by the files that exist within their own profile directory.

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etwork deployment runtime flow

The main theme with network deployment is distributed applications. While the "flow" of an application remains the same, there are significant additions to runtime of an application. Note the "Load balancer" this allows for multiple HTTP servers, users point there browsers to the load balancer and their request will be work load managed to an HTTP Server. Once the request hits one of these HTTP Servers, the HTTP Server plug-in will load balance the request between the application servers that it is configured to serve. Once the request enters the application server, the flow is identical to how it was in Express and Base. The Java clients requests to EJBs can also be work load managed so that the requests do not all hit one application server.

Network Deployment Administration Flow.

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Each managed process, node agent, deployment manager starts with it's own set of configuration files. Deployment manager contains the MASTER configuration and application files. Any changes made at node agent or server level are local and will be overridden by the MASTER configuration at the next synchronization. The administrative console and wsadmin are still the two ways that the environment is administered. However, take note that these tools now talk to the deployment manager and NOT to the application servers directly. The communication of these commands flows from the tools to the deployment manager to the node agents, to the application servers. This allows administration of multiple nodes (each possibly containing multiple application servers) from a single focal point (the deployment manager).

There is ONE main repository for the configuration files within a cell, and those are associated with the deployment manager. All updates to the configuration files should go through the deployment manager. You will see in a moment how this process works. You should be very careful in connecting to an application server directly with wsadmin or the administrative console as any changes that are made to the configuration files are only temporary, they will be overwritten with the configuration files from the MASTER files.


Web Server custom plugin-cfg.xml

Web server definitions are created to allow the mapping of J2EE enterprise applications to specific Web servers. Can be done through the administrative console. Alternatively use the script generated during the installation of the plug-in which can automate the mapping of all the applications to the Web server configure&lt

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bin. Mapping the applications to specific Web Servers will cause the custom plugin-cfg.xml files for only those Web servers to include the information for those applications. Web servers target specific applications running in a cell. Automatically generated by the deployment manager. Just as modules for an enterprises application need to be mapped to one or more application servers, they also need to be mapped to one or more Web servers.

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J2EE Packaging

A J2EE application is packaged in an Enterprise Archive, a file with a.EAR extension. The application has a deployment descriptor, shown here as DD, allowing configuration to a specific container's environment when deployed. The application can include one or more modules. J2EE components are grouped in modules, and each module has its own deployment descriptor. EJB modules group related EJBs in a single module, and are packaged in Java Archive (JAR) files. Note that there is only deployment descriptor for all of the EJBs in the module. Web modules group servlet class files, JSPs, HTML files and images. They are packaged in Web Application Archive (WAR) files. Application client modules are packaged in Java Archive (JAR) files. Resource Adapters may be packaged to the application server or within an application .EAR file.

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Assembling an enterprise application

When working with a workspace handed over by development, no assembly is required (already done automatically by tool). If your developers use IBM tools you may receive an existing, working workspace folder for final configuration and deployment. In this case the individual WAR and JAR files are not required as they already exist as part of the workspace. When working with workspaces all you need to do when starting AST, is point to the root directory of the workspace. If you receive the individual WAR and JAR files, which are the modules for the application, you will need to point AST to an empty workspace which will hold the Enterprise application's workspace. You only do this the first time, thereafter you just point AST to this newly created workspace directory. In this last scenario, assembly is just the action of importing the files containing the modules and associating them with the Enterprise Application. The end result is an EAR file, which contains all the modules and their deployment descriptors. The EAR file can then be installed (or deployed) to an application server.

Creating a data source

Installed applications that must interact with relational databases use JDBC providers for data access. Together, the JDBC provider and data source objects are functionally equivalent to the J2EE Connector architecture (JCA) connection factory (which provides access to non-relational databases). Installed applications use a data source to access the data from the database. A data source is associated with a JDBC provider that supplies the specific JDBC driver implementation class. The data source represents the J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) connection factory for the relational adapter. Application components use the data source to access connection instances to a specific database; a connection pool is associated with each data source. You can create multiple data sources with different settings, and associate them with the same JDBC provider. (One reason to do this is to provide access to different databases.) JDBC providers that are supported by WebSphere Application Server are required to implement one or both of the following data source interfaces, which are defined by Sun Microsystems. The interfaces enable the application to run in a single-phase or two-phase transaction protocol.

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Independence Day Photo Editing Application

Independence Day Photo Editor - Indian Flag 2021

Android application development is now becoming a need rather than luxury. This is attributed to the popularity of the Android smart phone. As the users of Android phones increase, a different market segment is being created. In these times of taut competition no business can afford to ignore even a single customer and this involves catering to a market segment that accesses the internet through the android phone. Now the websites need to be compatible with the Android phones too. Some of the factors that are vital for an excellent Android app development are as follows.

Concept Development:
The concept should be economically feasible when presented on the Android through the internet. The concept should be of some use to the Android users, then and then only it will be bought by them. The concept needs to be unique and not an exact replica of some application that is already present. If there is another application of similar kind, then extra or additional attributes have to be developed to appeal to the buyers of that application. If the concept caters to the current need of the users then the app developed can be made appealing and commercially viable. This implies that the start of the application development should be perfect.

Time Duration:
Time is a vital element in the success of an Android application. The Android application developed should be such that it takes the least possible time to set up. The process of this should be as simple as possible. The users can get irritated if the procedure to set up the application is complicated and takes a longer time. If the downloading time and the time required to operate the application is prolonged it could adversely affect the market of the application because the telecommunications service providers charge bills with reference to the time.

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Independence day photo editor application allows you to set a different beautiful 25+ background for your photo. This photo editor a is a free application, very easy to use it. Using this photo editor create a photo more stylish by some creative text and stickers.Using it you make your sweet memorable memories capture to your photo using filter, stylish font and latest frames.

Create your photo with Indian flags stunning effects and blur background of flags.


● Pick out a photo from the picture gallery of your smartphone or take a photograph from camera and use this photo Editor to beautify it!
● Capture a new picture with your camera and apply an amazing photo frame to it!
● There are 25 stunning backgrounds in various forms and colors.
● Apply various effects on your photo: black & white, grey scale and more.
● Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out the photo to fit the photo frame as you like.
● This android application supports all screen resolutions of mobile and tablet devices.
● Save your picture and easily share the photo to your friends and share this wonderful photo editor app.
● Add quotes and wish on photos with edit text feature
● Different Language of wishes to share with your love ones on Independence Day

Note: All trademarks and copyright protected to the respective owners. Content compiled from various internet sources. This photo editor is completely free and it consumes less memory.

Disclaimer: The images in this app been collected from around the web. if we are doing breach of copyright, please let us know and it will be removed as soon as possible.
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Friday 13 August 2021





To state under the above subject and context that the "Fit India" program has been implemented by the Government of India.  Our country is celebrating the 9th anniversary of Independence Day as "Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav".  "FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.o" is being launched on 13th August 2021 by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs under Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav.  In view of the above, MoE has been asked by the Government of India to organize "FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0" from 13th August to 2nd October, 2021.  The purpose of this program is to raise awareness about health care, walking for a healthy body, running, light exercise as well as doing regular yogic activities.  In this regard, "FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0" from 13.08.2021 to 02.10.2021 in all Government Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Government, Granted, Non-Granted, KGBV, Ashram Schools, Model Schools and Model Day Schools of the State.  FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.O ".  All about this program, Lecturer, 2019!  2020.

*ફિટ ઇન્ડિયા કવીઝ અંતર્ગત શાળા કક્ષાએ 2 બાળકોનું રજિસ્ટ્રેશન ફ્રી (free)માં થાય છે. 2 થી વધુ બાળકો માટે રજિસ્ટ્રેશન ફી 50 રૂપિયા કરવામાં આવેલ છે. જેથી આપના જિલ્લામાં વધુમાં વધુ બાળકો આ કવીઝમાં ભાગ લે તે માટે આપની કક્ષાએથી જરૂરી પ્રયાસ કરવા વિનંતી છે.*

 રજિસ્ટ્રેશન લીંક

FIT INDIA 2.0 PARIPATRA Date 13-08-2021

BRC / CRC Coordinator Principals and teachers are also asked to join this "FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0" in maximum number.  The designated District Nodalshree regarding FIT India program under "FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0" guides the BRC / CRC Coordinator friends and asks them to make necessary arrangements from your level to make this program a success.  (Organizing the above activities keeping in view the current guideline of the Government in view of the Corona epidemic) Enclosure - Details for registration.

BRC / CRC Coordinator Principals and teachers are also asked to join this "FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0" in maximum number.  The designated District Nodalshree regarding FIT India program under "FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0" guides the BRC / CRC Coordinator friends and asks them to make necessary arrangements from your level to make this program a success.  (Organizing the above activities keeping in view the current guideline of the Government in view of the Corona epidemic) Enclosure - Details for registration.

Madam/Sir, This is to inform you that Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is organizing Fit India Freedom Run 2.0 to commemorate "Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav" (75th Independence Day Celebrations). 2. Freedom Run 2.0 on 13th August and it will conclude on 2nd of October. In this 51 days long virtual run in which a person can run at their own place and can share photos/Videos of the same to the reporting officer/official. On 13.08.2021, on the launch day, physical event has been planned at 75 iconic places. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has planned to launch FIT India 3. The Fit India Movement would be a success only if it becomes a people's movement, therefore focus should be given on mass participation "Jan Bhagidari se Jan Andolan". You are requested to publicise and motivate people to maximize their participation in the event and to publicise It on various social media platforms and tag FIT India Team. 4. The States/UTs are advised that a nodal person may be appointed in every school for uploading real time report on the portal. The report of the activities is to be uploaded on Further details about the FIT India Freedom Run 2.0 will be posted on the above mentioned FIT India Portal; therefore it iIS requested to visit the portal regularly. Yours faithfully.

FIT INDIA 2.0 Registration Link

Madam / Sir, This is in continuation with the even letter number dated 6th August, 2021, regarding organizing Fit Indla Prcedon Run 2.0 to commemorate “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” on one of the pillars of the celebrations, ie, Resolves 75 from 13th August  , 2021 till 2nd October, 2021. During this event citizens will be given a call to make a resolve to include daily physical activity of at least 30 minutes in their lives, ie, PITNESS KI DOSE AADHA GHANTA ROZ. 5,, ATNESS KIT FIT  India Freedom Run 2.0 with the theme "Jan Bhagidari se Jan Andolan" aiming at encouraging more and more participation. People may participate in the Run either by assembling at a particular place observing COVID - 19 protocols or through Virtual Run, in which one can run  / walk along a route of his / her choice, at a time that suits him / her. One can even take breaks during such run / walk. Basically, one runs one's own race and times one's own pace. 3. To make this initiative  success  ful, you are requested to encourage mass participation from among the employees, students, their families and relatives in the FIT India Freedom Run 2.0.  In this regard, a copy of Department of Sports, M / O YA & S D.O.  letter dated 5th August, 2021 along with S.O.P of the Fit India Freedom Run 2.0 is attached herewith.  Enclosed: 1. SOP 2 henter Dared ba 2021
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