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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Chalo English Shikhiae Pdf File

 Chalo English Shikhiae Pdf File

Hello friends, what are you doing? All is well and here you will be sent all the education related information every day. You can easily download the information from here and you can also pass this information on to others easily and specially.  

All you have to do is open up and call up. After the two-three paragraphs you have given below, you will see click here to download. Click here. You will click there so you can easily find the post you are looking for.  You click on it and it will be downloaded

 Another special thing to mention is that all our education friends will soon have an app called Subcenter. You can also download the app from your google play store so that you can also get educational news as well as educational circulars especially about teacher friends as well as panchayat department circulars.  

Circulars of Police Department Department as well as all circulars related to Central Government will be available to you in one place and also within your application, friends, the upcoming application will be launched. Remember the name EHUBCENTRE Hello friends, after downloading this application, you will see different  You can easily see the information like there are circulars, there is daily news, there is daily zodiac sign and there is a lot of such information. 

If you want more now, the NMMS exam for children of Std. 8 is coming.  If uploaded by our team, you can also easily download it.  EMP All questions can be easily prepared through more than 2000 MCQs. We also have a great free of charge. You can also order the book at your address.  ehubcentre This app you can download from playstore

 If you are a human being on our site, you are kindly requested to check our whatsapp telegram group accurately. All the information placed on this blog site you will find every update in your whatsapp group as well as to tell special friends that in the telegram group now  If all my messages are posted till then I will also join the telegram group

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ફાઈલ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

 Thank you very much for visiting this blog and website and just like that keep visiting our blog every day and if you need any information you can also comment. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

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North Gujarati dialect dictionary

Head (move).

Cham (why)

Cho Jawush (Where to go?)

I (what?)

Zaydu (thorny undergrowth)

Bumblebee (without luck)

Panjaryo, khancheryo (to be beaten)

Rollo, Rungo (crazy, less intelligent)

Busht (shirt)

Domchio (equipment)

Manchdo (sleeping area above the ground in the field)

Shade (farm road, door)

Cutlery (farm, paddock, etc. door handle)

Balikor (outside)

Get angry

Dobu (buffalo)

Rage-rage (slowly).

Dandudi (water edge)

Hurry up

Nature / Below (below)

Chan Aaye (When will I come?)

Palu (glass)

Bhodu (head)

Bhuda (good man)


Dhush (Dhoom)

Tata (fireworks)




Bom (balm)


Gheedo / Gheedi (aged)

Loben (long distance)

Superficial (party)

Singing (listening, paying attention)


Burden of intelligence (without intelligence, daffodil).

Kahyo (angry)

Yes eat (keep peace)

Tonga (feet)

Nena-dior (worthless)


  Bhoy (land)

Babuchak (unintelligent, daffol)

Sheep (nose)

Habu (soap)

Dachu (Madhu)

Match (bed)

Dhekharૉ (stone)

Khakhariyu / khankholiyu khaavu (do not take instant, take a bath)

Ek Melay (Ek Marish)

Bhopal (bankrupt)

To drink



Hagmate (co-family)

Weh (dress)

Doglu (especially the W used for Gurushanka)

Ramr Chakkar (as is)

Warm (moderately hot)

Boman (Brahmin)

Hi (tailor)


Hetek nu (excessive)

Hurry up

Advitru / Alvitaru (stormy)

Dhukdu (near)

Rage (noise, quarrel or fight-fight noise)

Chop (switch)

Kneak (tied lot)

Deity (fire)

Odro (monkey)

Balloon (plane)

Don't break the mail (keep peace)

To wander

Peran (khamis, shirt)


Mahotu - Potu (cleaning cloth)

Mammon (guest)

Khadu (shoes, boots slippers)

Hahlu / Hahlu (rabbit)

Going to the toilet (going to the toilet / going to the toilet)

Hood, hollow (fat belly)

Hiskara (noise)

Batio / Banthiyo (Thingno)

Thethical (thick)

Boganu (milking vessel)

Gaman (buffalo feeding place)


Dhenchan (dhinchan)

Redu (stomach)

Bull (buttocks, buttocks)

Adboth (jump)

Go to the toilet

Boards (wooden vault)

Plow (attach, bind)

Doyalo (lentil spoon)

Doyo (a vessel for drawing water from a pot etc.

Hudo (door knocker)

Shopping (groceries or purchases)

Hatdi (small shop)

Nanny, Nano, Nanu (Nani, Nano, Nanu)

Bhandalyu (gardener, treasurer)

Fun, (shared, in partnership)

Deroni / Deroni (Derani)

Dhoski / Gadundi (small pot)

Roar (pocket)

Ojan (bed rope)

Havado (cattle shed)

Vihomo (Visamo)

Mohaniyu (Cemetery)

Lebdo (neem)

Vallo (Vadlo)


Route (road, road)


Rash or gravy (thick rope)

Aabh (sky)


Pavli (25 paise)

Eighth (50 paise)

Kamad (door)

Honsi (tongs)

Tohlu (used for eating utensils, large bowl, mostly used for bronze bowl.)
Oganu (courtyard, bean)

Elephant (companion, farm helper)


Naghrol / Nathor Kholiano (Befikar)

Malipa (inside)


Chobdi (skin)

OK (until)

In the right place (everywhere)

  Take responsibility (take responsibility, commit to work)

To play

Raag Raag (slowly)

Hanon (posthumous bath)

Wadhan (Gappu Marnar)

To place (put in the right place)
Not to run away

To sow

To grow

Getting up (going bankrupt, causing damage)

Get up

Bathe (damage)

To do wrong

Patudi (Ghee Vasan)

Dokli / Dekli (thick spoon)

Tavo karvo (headache)

Obstacles (believing)

Butter (to flatter, to pamper)


Chicken (latrine tub)

Count (pay attention)


Castor (castor, castor oil)

Cottonseed (seeds of cotton)
Taking rice (going to give tiffin)

Viyalu (dinner)

Grandchild (caste)

Huwawad (giving birth)

Gormaharaj (Brahmin priest)


Indhoni (weight lifting ring placed on the head)

Lagolog (very close)

Kathi (coconut fiber cord)


Gabhu / Gabho (piece of clothing)

To brawl

Chibhdu (Desi Shakar Teti)

Shedo (shift indicating the extent of the field)

  I am proud of the dialect of my village .....

Friends from other areas, if you don't know how to speak North Gujarati, read on and give this information to your children.


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Monday, 19 April 2021

MA Yojana mukhyamantri amrutam vatsalya yojana hospital list gujarat


MA Yojana mukhyamantri amrutam vatsalya yojana hospital list gujarat

For people who are living below poverty line & lower income group, an illness not only represents a permanent threat to their income and earning capacity, but in many cases it results in the family falling into a trap of debt. When need to get treatment arises for a poor family they often ignore it because of lack of resources, fearing loss of wages, or they wait till the last moment when it is too late. Health and poverty are interwoven. These families are pushed into a vicious debt poverty cycle due to excessive expenditures arising out of catastrophic health shocks.

To address this key vulnerability faced by the BPL population in the Gujarat, Mukhyamantri Amrutam “MA” Yojana was launched on 4th September, 2012 by Government of Gujarat.

When in the Lower middle class families, critical illness occur and when such families are not included in the definition of BPL so they cannot get free treatment, and they are not able to spend money for critical illness. So, Based on feedback from various stakeholders, the Scheme was extended to families of lower income group names as Mukhyamantri Amrutam Vatsalya Yojana in August 2014.

MAA Card Hospital List Gujarat

MAA Card Hospital List Gujarati

mukhyamantri amrutam vatsalya yojana hospital list gujarat

  • Features of Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana

  • Some of the notable features of Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana can be given as follows:

  • This scheme offers a sum insured amount of Rs.3 lakh on a floater basis

  • Five members of a family can avail the benefits under the scheme.

  • There is no cost incurred by beneficiaries as this is a 100% government funded scheme.
  • A quick response coded card (QR coded card) is issued to families that avail coverage under this scheme.

  • Since this is not an insurance policy, there are no intermediaries involved in the coverage process.The state government transfers the benefit amount through RTGS.

  • Complete cashless coverage can be obtained under this scheme as the government bears all costs including treatment expenses, follow-up consultation, medicines, and transportation etc.

  • The claim is settled on a paperless basis to make the claim settlement faster.

  • The network hospitals empanelled under this scheme include private hospitals, government hospitals, and standalone dialysis centers.

  • There is no specific time frame for beneficiary enrollment, and people can sign up for this cover anytime of the year.

  • Civic Centre kiosks and Taluka kiosks have been set up for the beneficiaries so that they can enrol themselves or make any additions or deletions under the scheme.

  • Mega health camps and General Health camps are set up by public and private empanelled hospitals.

Eligibility for Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana

  • The following eligibility criteria must be met in order to get benefits under Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana:

  • The total annual income of the beneficiary must be less than Rs.2.5 lakh.

  • It is a must to have an income certificate before subscribing to this scheme.

  • This cover can be taken for self, spouse, and three dependent children.


Full Detail About MA Yojna In Gujarati

District wise Government Hospital List

District Wise Private Hospital List

Standalone Dialysis Center List 

List of other beneficiaries included in the scheme:

Apart from families below the poverty line and low income families, a few more beneficiaries were included in the scheme. Here are the new additions to the scheme:

In 2016, U-win card holders were also permitted to avail the benefits under the scheme.

In the FY 2017-18, fixed pay state government employees of Class 3 and Class 4, reporters, and rural as well as urban Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) were added as beneficiaries.

Senior citizens whose families’ income is within Rs.6 lakh are also included

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Better education is very essential for everyone to move forward in life and achieve success.  It helps in building confidence in us as well as in building our personality.  Schooling plays a great role in everyone's life.  The entire education system like primary education, secondary education and higher secondary education has been divided into three parts.  All levels of education have their own special importance and place.  We all want to see our children going towards success, which is possible only through good and proper education.

 Education is a very important tool for everyone to achieve success in life and to do something different.  It helps us to face challenges in difficult times of life.

 The knowledge gained during the entire learning process makes all of us and every person self-reliant towards their life.  It opens various doors for opportunities to achieve better prospects in life which will lead to career development.  In order to promote the importance of education in rural areas, many awareness campaigns are being conducted by the government.  It brings a sense of equality among all individuals in the society and also promotes the development and growth of the country.


 The importance of education has increased greatly in today's society.  There are many uses of education but it needs to be given a new direction.  Education should be such that a person can get acquainted with his surroundings.  Education is a very necessary tool for the bright future of all of us.  We can achieve anything good by using this means of education in our lives.  High level of education helps people to have social and family respect and to create a separate identity.  The time of education is a very important time for all, socially and personally, this is the reason why education has so much importance in our lives.

 Education is very important in today's modern technological world.  In today's time, many methods are adopted to increase the level of education.  At present, the entire system of education has now changed.  After 12th standard, we can now study with distance education programs as well as jobs.  Education is not very expensive, anyone can continue their studies even after having less money.  Through distance education, we can easily get admission in any big and famous university for a very low fee.  Other smaller institutions are also providing education to promote skills in a particular area.

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As we know, gcert model paper conduct the All India gcert model paper Entrance Exam every year. Mostly exam conducted in month of January and mode of examination is written. Candidates who will qualify this entrance exam able to take the admission in various Sainik Schools. gcert model paper provide the admission in Class all after qualify the AISSEE Exam, Interview and Medical Fitness Test. Lots of students take the admission in gcert model paper after clear the selection procedure.
The sample gcert model papers are only a model and for practice. The actual question paper may vary.
gcert model paper Exam Previous Year Papers

Applicant need to qualify the Entrance exam, Interview and Medical Fitness Test to get admission in gcert model paper . Seats are reserved in various terms and only eligible aspirants can take admission in these gcert model paper . List of gcert model paper has already provided by our team on Home Page. Almost each state have one gcert model paper . If any state do not have any gcert model paper , then work is under progress means gcert model paper is Under Construction.

The sample gcert model papers are only a model and for practice. The actual question paper may vary.
Download the gcert model paper Exam Class Previous Year Papers and gcert model paper useful for School Exam Class Old Question Papers in PDF format. Students can follow the below links to download this year question papers and check them to complete their preparation for this entrance test.
The sample gcert model papers are only a model and for practice. The actual question paper may vary.


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The Gujarat government came in tenth and it was more necessary to protect the lives of the children by giving big relief to the students and parents by avoiding the board exams. Became the most. The first is that the guardians | Showed. Among them were Dhorna in the center bar. Gujarat | Such a situation is impossible because of Corina. How many homes have expressed. According to him, students will not return to the 12th standard examinations The teaching session in the schools also ended With this decision of the government at the risk of the lives of their children, even in the state board exams, there will be up to 15 lakh links. Mission can do 90% under Antyodaya and by avoiding this in one year students and not and many schools, colleges | Did not want to put. Students relieved governments. Central | More students were to sit. No, but whether the students have education facilities or not, the number of village families can be doubled in less than 3 hours, the parents have been given a big relief, and the Gujarat government has followed the board to postpone the final examination of the university. Exams must start in May. Without doing so online education gets less time electricity and even the Central Board for poor families in particular could not hold the exams in the previous ten. | Campaign on social media | The tenth of the Gujarat Board was supposed to happen, but experts said that when the lockdown took place in May last year, the issuance of the decree is the highest possibility for 12% of the households. And if the twelfth exams are true, then last year's Corinna | Were running. Millions of twelfth standard exams but also the second wave of Corona in a month was also a pattern of clumsy administration online to students. | The amount of time electricity is available. Backward class, tribals and have decided to avoid, education after arrival | The students decided to postpone the signature campaign. Predicted to be extreme | Claims to provide education closed in lockdown | The concept of online learning | The second wave of corona in the Muslim communities caused the system to derail Was run. Oppositions have also expressed the exam after this decision of the government and were in the month of May according to which in the cities | Is new to India started because of schools and its | The situation of students dropping out of school has worsened Is, the largest of the Corona | Were seeking to avoid. The parents breathed a sigh of relief The introduction of online education to register three lakh cases every day has started in online education for many poor students There are suspicions. Then board exams postponed | The challenge was that the tenth and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a possibility. In that position | But in the villages the students did not even take interest. Having access to the internet was the main demand for many of these children. Twelfth standard exams how | Exam discussion with students Corona's new variant J | Prime Minister Narendra Modi was skeptical of the idea of ​​online education for successful examinations, whether it was child labor or child marriage. It is difficult to cancel the exam. Such questions can be confusing. There were also online exams to determine how many students had to drop out of school for girls, especially before high-ranking officials in the education department were infecting children. Given that the board exams were to be held in the month of May, is avoiding the exams a feature of online education? Danger and child marriage and the next day the Gujarat government too but experts demanded a second term of Corona in May. Central recently reported that the risk of violence is the highest. The wave of postponement of board exams is expected to be at an extreme level. The board exams have been postponed for the first time in 10th standard and in the month of May, in case of 3 lakh daily work, India's place in the world is to get promotion without giving standard examination to standard students or students. Ore is bad. Cities have also been taken. Parents will play a big role. There was no doubt that this pleasant success was held for the students and this has become necessary due to the Koro epidemic between the rural areas. Because of Corona and also on other options | The economic loss of distance online education has been huge. Last year, the results of 1.5 lakh tenth standard were considered all over the country, but it became a big hurdle in that regard. Had also done but | Government to implement measures based on CBSE criteria Is. The second wave of corona of primary and secondary schools continues The situation was so delicate that there is no public capacity for internal assessment and even preparation is a matter of internet speed and matter in some affluent schools. About 25 million children became financially sound and in every part of the country Will be prime minister and education minister. However the exam is not canceled. To cancel the exam Virtual education is facilitated and due to lack of resources online a few times ago | Parents happen to their children. After opening the lockdown, a few viruses again became black care of Rameshchandra Nishank Pokhriyal, who had no choice but to work hard. Many students also benefited from it, which had a detrimental effect on education. Oxfam's report on home education system is prematurely secondary and shocking to students who want to attend the meeting again. Board exams are avoided. But according to rural experts who have done perhaps a third of the country after the Coronation period but economically for higher secondary standards | The question of holding an examination arises The tenth standard of the Central Board will require disappointment. In such and other standard schools, like commuter and teachers or building for education The students never returned to the school for the weak and the children opened the school which was closed again. Thus to cancel the CBSE Board Examination and in the 12th Central Board Examination My promotion to the students has been nothing but sending the school to express apprehension that they will not be able to travel where there are no basic facilities of electricity besides internet. About 6 lakh students were ready to hold the standard examination from May 6 There are also problems with this given. There was talk of online education. Not an option. Seeing that last year in the country Corona | But corona daily in the country | The decision was made. Were to sit. In which the students are economically backward among the care of 3 lakh corona. Too long according to many experts With the onslaught of students in the Corona era as well as the number of March cases reaching two lakh, many states have already given relief to students of 10th standard and parents.
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Ekam KASOTI and Nidan KASOTI students marks printout download process

Ekam KASOTI and Nidan KASOTI students marks printout download process

Due to the rapid pace of Corona transition, the state's primary schools, higher secondary schools, secondary schools as well as all educational institutions and children are currently banned. Children receive primary education at home and receive education through virtual medium as well as online education.

The students are being studied through various online mediums. The unit test of the students is currently being conducted and the diagnostic test is also being conducted and the process of its evaluation is also being conducted online. The diagnostic test of the first semester of the students has just been completed.

Primary schools have been closed again as per the order of the education department due to the increase in the speed of the current school. The work of online education has been resumed. The marks of diagnostic test and unit test are being done online. In which after checking the answer books of the students and making online entry of the marks of the students, Standard Wise The matter has been updated on the website of SSA Gujarat so that the print out of the marks of the students can be deleted after the entry so that the class teacher can now keep the standard wise and subject marks of the students as well. Step by step details are explained here.

Step 1- visit --

Step 2 go to online attendance

Step 3 click on exam entry status report

Step 4 select class and subject

Step 5 printout

Important link:-

Click here for official website

As such, the class teacher will now be able to download and print out the marks of all the students' marks after completing the process of scanning their diagnostic test and marks of all unit tests and keep it in their records
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Online Education Daily Home Learning video std 1 to 12

You want to learn how to speak English fluently, but do not know where to start? Welcome to Best English speaking course app in Hindi. In this English speaking class, you will learn frequently used English sentences used in daily life. English Speaking Course is very new and innovative application to learn English Speaking Fluently.

This app is mainly focused on the day to day examples of English so which will be easy to understand English rapidly. “English Speaking Course" in Hindi book is written for Hindi speakers who want to learn spoken English through Hindi.

practices from our set of Daily English Speaking Sentences.

Learn basic English grammar to avoid mistakes when you speak. From This English speaking course in Hindi you can learn English tenses, passive voice, and much more. Learn English Conversation In English contains very useful sentences in your daily life. English for Hindi Speakers, This app Method provides everything English for Hindi Speakers need to learn English as a second language.

English Speaking Course in Hindi ! this App for everyone who wants to speak fluent English This course contain step by step lesson to learn English

You can learn how to speak English fluently. Speaking English with Hindi was never easier. This can also be useful for those who are seeking to join BPO or Call center. Also if you want to participate in English discussions and debates, you can begin with this application. This application uses both text and voice audio to teach English the proper way. Learning English grammar could be easier if you initially get to know these basics. Learn to speak English fluently with Hindi. Also if you are preparing for an English interview, spend some time learning the tools provided here. 

An excellent beginning for a Hindi speaking person. Start learning these English lessons and improve your English knowledge with this application which is for beginners. These English practice lessons and tutorials will make you comfortable in improving you English skills. Learn English using Hindi language and acquire the skills which are are looking to achieve. You will learn some basics of English which is important to understand before you start learning professional English. It is very important to know how to speak English in the modern world. If you really need to learn how to speak English fluently, then this learn English in 7 days app can support you in achieving your target.
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Sunday, 18 April 2021

Std 12 arts and commerce students study material question bank by DEO VALSAD

Std 12 arts and commerce students study material question bank by DEO VALSAD

Gujarat Board twelfth schedule 2021 – Gujarat Board of Secondary and better pedagogy (GSEB) has set to defer the category twelve board examinations 2021. The Gujarat Board has already conducted the sensible examination for Science stream on March thirty, 2021, and also the theory exams were regular to be control from could ten to twenty five, 2021. Gujarat board twelfth timetable has been free for the overall stream and business stream. Students will transfer GSEB HSC schedule 2021 on-line at or For the Science stream, the exams are going to be control from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm and also the timings for the overall stream square measure from 10:30 am to 1:45 pm. to understand additional regarding Gujarat Board HSC schedule 2021, you'll be able to check the complete page.

GSEB HSC sensible examination Dates 2021

Though the board has proclaimed the beginning date for GSEB category twelfth sensible examination 2021, students will get the particular schedule for identical from their various faculties. the colleges within the state are suggested to domestically style the examination date sheet for HSC sensible examination and instructed to ask the scholars in little batches to conduct the sensible exams.

How to transfer GSEB HSC schedule 2021?

The candidates ought to transfer the schedule because it contains varied helpful info like examination dates, timings, exam days, subject names, and alternative helpful info. Therefore, we tend to square measure providing some straightforward steps which will assist you in downloading the schedule from the official website:

Go to the official web site of the board.

To do so, you'll be able to ask the link given on the page on top of.

Once, you are doing this, you may reach the homepage of the web site.

Here, you'll be able to notice completely different links on the market on the page.

Click on the link of “Gujarat board HSC schedule 2021”.

Then you'll be able to see the schedule on the market within the pdf format.

At last, take the output of it for additional use.

Preparation Tips for Gujarat Board HSC Exams 2021

During examination time, students get wired and become confused once it involves the preparation half . Here, for the assistance of the scholars, we've got provided some tips and tricks which will assist you to arrange for the exams. Check the guidelines here:

Make a schedule and embrace each studies and alternative activities. Prepare your study schedule in such a fashion that you simply will follow it simply in any condition.

You can additionally take recommendation from your lecturers, friends, and fogeys regarding study material, marking theme etc.

All education materials for std 12 arts and commerce students👇

English - Click here

Account- Click here

Gujarati - Click here

Statestics- Click here

Sociology- Click here

Geography- Click here

Org of commerce- Click here

Economics- Click here

Psychology- Click here

Cover and complete Gujarat board programme before two months of the exams.

You can additionally mark the vital and unimportant topics for higher preparations.

Solve sample papers and Gujarat board twelfth past year papers for higher understanding of the vital queries.

Prepare new topics and revise the topics that you have got already learned
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Year 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23 mate std 1 ma pravesh mate vay maryada


Year 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23 mate std 1 ma pravesh mate vay maryada

According to the above subject, Gujarat RTE Rules - 2012 is in force in the entire state as per RTE Act - 2009. The following changes have been made in Rule No. 3 (1) of Gujarat RTE Rules - 2012 by the notification of the education department with reference.

Chapter 2: Right to Free and Compulsory Education

3. (1) A child who has not completed 6th year of age on 1st June of the academic year will not normally be admitted in primary school. If a child has completed 5 years of age on 1st June of that academic year during the academic years 2020-21, 2021-22 and 2022-23, he / she will be eligible for admission in that year. The notification of the Department of Education regarding the said amendment is attached herewith. Wise reporting should be done in all primary schools. Parents should also be advised that if any parent wants to give pre-primary education to their child, they should give admission to pre-primary education keeping in view the headline of the education department and the age of their child. So that in future the child can get admission in Std-1 on the basis of a certain age limit.

If you want to get information related to education, don't forget to bookmark our website. Visit our website every day to get education update.

Click here to paripatra 03-06-2020
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Matter of giving mass promotion in Std. 1 to 8


Matter of giving mass promotion in Std. 1 to 8

Due to the recent outbreak of Corona virus (Covid-19) in the state, a decision has been announced by the government to hold a press conference on 15/04/2021 to give mass promotion to students studying in Std. 1 to 8 in the state. As per the decision of the government, due to the widespread spread of corona in the state.

At present students are being imparted education through various mediums under Home Learning which will continue in future also. In addition, students will be assessed periodically as part of their ongoing assessment as well as remedial work. But no student will have to fail based on the results of this assessment. 

click here to Paripatra 

Ancillary detailed instructions in this regard should be issued by GCERT - Gandhinagar.

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Matter of announcing special cash package inlieu of hliiday travel relief / home travel relief scheme and extension of block year 2016-19.

Matter of announcing special cash package inlieu of hliiday travel relief / home travel relief scheme and extension of block year 2016-19.

In case of State Government Employees Hliiday Travel Relief / Hometown Travel Relief Scheme Dt. Implemented by resliution of 15/10/1966. In order to facilitate the administrative implementation of the amendments made from time to time under the present scheme, instructions have been issued with the resliution of Order (1) and Order (2) taken in the reading.

Due to the lockdown currently being implemented across the country under the Covid-19 epidemic, which has caused difficolties in the transportation and hospitality sector, some employees of the state government under the Hliiday Travel Relief / Hometown Travel Relief Scheme last block year 2016-19 which is automatically extended by one year. And its term dt. Completed on 31/12/2020. Coold not take advantage of it. The issue of extension of Sadarhu term was under consideration of the Government.

In addition, there is a shortage in the business world due to the current downturn due to the Koro epidemic. Considering the need to increase the purchasing power of the people and boost the state's economy accordingly, the government is considering a special cash package scheme to replace the hliiday travel relief / home travel scheme. Was under.

Subject to the provisions of the resliution of order (1) and (2) taken at the end of the adolt consideration in respect of both the above matters, it is decided as flilows.

The previous block year 2016-19 under Hliiday Travel Relief / Homeland Travel Relief Scheme which is automatically extended by one year and expires on 31/12/2020. It is extended by 3 (three) more months till 31/03/2021.

Special cash package subject to the flilowing conditions as an option to actually travel in pursuit of Hliiday Travel Relief / Homecoming Travel Relief Scheme in case of employees who have been deprived of the benefit of last block year 2016-19 and are currently in service. The plan is announced.
Employees who have availed the benefit of block year 2016-19 will not be eligible for the benefit of this special cash package scheme.

This scheme will not be applicable for block year 2020-23.
Hliiday travel relief advance will not be available under special cash package scheme.
In case of employees wishing to avail the benefit of special cash package scheme, the amount of leave received by the employee as per the roles under hliiday travel relief / home travel relief scheme shoold be taken into account only if the amount of leave converted into cash is spent. The above hliidays will have to be taken into account in converting the leave into cash under LTC.

The fare of the proposed hliiday travel relief under this scheme has to be approved as given below.
If the employee spends 3 (three) times more than the proposed amount of rent mentioned above, the proposed rental amount will be recoverable.

For conversion of leave into cash and eligibility for the proposed rental amount, the employee may have purchased / obtained any item with GST rate less than 12% from the GST registered trader / service provider and the refund may have been made through digital medium. Also taking into account the currency number and the currency showing the amount of GST paid, (1) the amount equal to the conversion of the hliiday into cash and (2) three times the amount of the proposed rent.
Payment of the amount due to the employee shall be payable within thelimit of the total amount of the said package (conversion of leave receivable for LTC into cash and suggested rent) or the expenses as shown in the accompanying Appendix-A example. In the case of an employee who is entitled to a special cash package without availing the benefit of converting the hliiday into cash, the amount will be recoverable within thelimits as per Appendix-B attached hereto.

As shown in Appendix- A Example under Sadarhu Yojana which is the amount of hliiday cash receivable (A) payable to the employee, as well as the proposed rental amount (B) payable to him, If three times the rental amount (3XB) is spent, the maximum amount under the above package scheme i.e. the amount of hliiday cash conversion (A) and the amount of the proposed rentable receivable (B) will be recoverable.

In case the hliiday is spent less than the amount of cash conversion (A) and three times the proposed rentable amount (3XB) receivable, the amount will be

recoverable on the basis of proportion as per the accompanying example (Appendix-A). Benefit of Sadarhu Package Scheme To be taken by 31/03/2021 and claims for this matter arelikely to be taken on: It remains to be seen whether it will be offset by 31/03/2021.

Under the existing roles, TDS is applicable in case of conversion of leave into cash. In view of the fact that under the Sadarhu Package Scheme it is prescribed to reimburse the LTC fare instead of the actual actual travel, the amount of Sadarhu hliiday cash conversion will not be taken into account for income tax purposes and TDS will not be deducted while reimbursing the proposed LTC fare.

In order to avail the benefits of the above package, the employee has to take advantage of both the hliiday cash conversion and LTC fare and only then the benefit of this package will be available.
The above package will have to be considered as per the attached form with more clarity applicable in the flilow up of the implementation of the scheme.
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LC Lakhva Mateni Mahiti (Gujarati)

LC Lakhva Mateni Mahiti (Gujarati)

To be given within 7 (seven) days of receipt of application. (Provision of penalty in primary school. First irregularity Rs. 10,000/- and every other irregularity Rs. 5,000/-. If it happens five times, de-recognition procedure.) (Grant-in-Aid Code 1964 rule 29.32.2)

To extract only as per the age note.

Not typed but handwritten with ink. (Grant in Aid Code 1961 rule 29.33)
In which language should the leave certificate be issued?
Providing LC in Gujarati medium of primary school in Gujarati.
Providing LC English in primary school English medium.
To provide LC in Gujarati medium in secondary and higher secondary school in both Gujarati and English language.

Providing LC in English medium in secondary and higher secondary school.
Things to keep in mind when writing a school leaving certificate :
The principal has full authority to issue duplicate LCs.

Duplicate LC can only be given to the student or his / her guardian.
Whether or not to issue a duplicate LC is at the discretion of the principal.
Duplicate LC can be issued by the principal after obtaining proper grounds for issuing duplicate LC. (Application stamp of Rs. 100, affidavit and other grounds)
Not a rule for duplicate LCs but only for duplicate LCs. The third time LC is given, it is also called Duplicate LC.

Giving the student LC for free for the first time. Rs. 5(five) can be taken for each subsequent time.
Write the details of the summary of the LC or the date of the LC on the cardboard of the LC book. (To prevent misuse of LC)

LC should come in handy when admitting students or check immediately that there is no empty column. No details, no signatures, etc. And if you find an error, correct it immediately To return
Not admitting a student to a school without an LC. Do not admit in the hope of getting an LC.
Once admitted to the school (Do not return the old school LC to the student under any circumstances after it is noted in the General Register. But give the LC of your school if the student wants to return the LC.)
The counter signature of the competent authority is required behind the LC of another board.
Note the same details given in the LC of other boards in the General Register. Not a single note not in the LC should be made in the General Register.

To get LC verified after getting admission.
To amend LC or General Register note only after making amendment as per rule.
The amendment in the LC or General Register note cannot be made by the competent authority once the student has appeared for the public examination. But it can be done only after the approval of the competent authority based on the order of the first class magistrate.

If there are more errors in the LC, create a new LC. CANCLE the old LC.
Since the students who have passed Std-9 or 10 in the school have to study in the upper standard of the school, LC is not given to the student, which is not appropriate.
Errors in the existing age list should be corrected only after the competent authority has corrected the errors. (Do not directly modify the LC.)

There are two types of errors in LC. (1) Clerical errors (2) Pre-existing errors.
(1) Clerical errors: Error made by the writer while writing LC, correction of the error as soon as it comes to notice. But there is no need to hit the acharya coin. (E.g. Tusharbhai (*) is wrong, Tushargiri is (true) then write Pankaj Kumar next to it and cut Pankajbhai in such a way that an old mistake appears.

Correct the mistake made by the writer while writing the LC while keeping the carbon paper while correcting the LC at the same time. Don't make such an improvement later.
When more than one amendment in LC is certified, all the amendments should be signed by the principal. (Do not sign short.)

LC must have the principal's signature. If there is no principal, the authorized person / officer can sign.
In LC, the principal should compare the age certificate and sign it.
Must write the date of issue of LC.
Both the LC and half of the LC should have a school seal. Write and sign the full details on the back of the LC bearer's half.

When issuing LC, the principal should also sign the age certificate (LC number, date of issuance of LC, reason for taking LC, etc.).
Do not minimize the (-) dash in any detail field but make it as no one can write in the details.
The column in LC is both English and Gujarati. But LC is offered in English only. Which is not appropriate.

LC issue date should be on or after the school leaving date.
Do not use Winter if you make a mistake while writing LC.
Both the LC and half of the LC should have the original signature of the principal, class teacher and clerk below.
Both the LC and half of the LC must have a coin with the principal's signature.
Use only brown or black pen when writing LC. (Do not use green, red pens.)
Do not use a gel pen when writing LC.
The back of the LC should be marked as carbon paper.
The LC book should already have a serial number so that the LC is not misused.
Write only age wise details in LC. (For example, don't write if you don't have a mother's name.)
Write full details in LC. (E.g. 08-06-190. May 4, 19)

Do not leave any boxes blank, make a large dash (-) in the blank box.
LC should be sample wise and of appropriate size.
The LC and the half of the LC should be back and forth, not side to side.
Do not add unnecessary columns to the LC. (E.g., SEBC, SC, ST, bank account number, Aadhaar card number etc.)

The LC should have everything you need. (Such as - trust name, school name, address, index number etc.)
The right details should get the right space in the LC. (Such as student name, date of birth in words)
LC written in legible letters. (Not computerized.)

LC should be written by the same person and in such a way that the letters do not separate.
sue LC in the language in which General Register is written. (As per circular 2017)
If the LC is given in Gujarati language and if requested in English, it should be given in English instead of issuing a separate LC. Write “Traslation in English” at the top right of the LC. Similarly, when English is requested in LC Gujarati, write "Translation in mother tongue". (As per circular dated 2011/2018)

Providing LC in Gujarati and English language, (as per the circular dated 2011/2018)
General Register Writing in Gujarati and English language. (As per circular dated 2011/2017)

Download File : LC Lakhva Mateni Mahiti (Gujarati)
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Matter of granting medical leave in special cases to employees infected with Covid-19.


Matter of granting medical leave in special cases to employees infected with Covid-19.

In the prevailing corona situation in the state, the state government had received many representations regarding granting medical leave in special cases to government officials/employees, fixed salary employees and all contract based officers/employees infected with corona. The matter was under consideration of the Government.


At the end of the adult deliberation, it is decided that if the government officer/employee, fixed salary employees and all contract based officers/employees come positive and submit an official medical certificate, such employee will have to be granted 10 days medical leave in special case. This 10 days leave will have to be borrowed in the account of medical leave deposited with them. However, if in any case the employee's leave account does not include 10 days of medical leave for this purpose, 

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then in that case also they will be entitled to 10 days of missing medical leave. This provision will be applicable for calendar year 20 as well as calendar year 2021.

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Regarding the planning of diagnostic test to check "Learning Loss" in all subjects from Std. 3 to 8 Of the first semester of the year 2020-21.

Regarding the planning of diagnostic test to check "Learning Loss" in all subjects from Std. 3 to 8 Of the first semester of the year 2020-21.

S.O.P. of the Central Government and the State Government for resumption of activities which were halted following the lockdown measures to control the covid-19 epidemic. As per the guidelines, for the classes of Std. 6 to 8 in all the board's primary schools in the state. Direct teaching work was resumed from 18/02/2021. During the first semester of the year 2020-21, the students have studied through various methods of home learning instead of school. Now when std. When the actual educational work has started in 6th to 8th, in order to check the "Learning Loss" in all the subjects of Std. 6th to 8th of the first semester, if the academic work and therapeutic work is done in the school based on the diagnostic test, then the fixed learning outcomes will be better. In view of this, the Government has decided to evaluate the students studying in all the medium government, aided and unaided primary schools of the state with the same question papers.The program of this diagnostic test is as follows.

Important instructions for the first semester of the year 2020-21 for the diagnostic test of Std. 6 to 8:
Every teacher should check the answer scripts of this test as soon as possible so that the remedial work can start immediately.
The subject related to the test is to be checked by the teacher. Testing and monitoring of the test is to be done at the school level only.
Even in shift schools. Tests of all academic subjects from 3rd to 8th will have to be taken as per the above schedule.

Government primary schools will have to take tests of all academic subjects.
The question papers of this test are CRC Co-ord. Will be given through.
The main diagnostic test should be planned as per the periodic test. Test question papers will be sent in softcopy. Photocopies of each student will have to be arranged from the school level as well as answer books, maps and graphs will have to be arranged from the school level. Expenditure on this arrangement will be borne by the school composite grant.
Test of Gujarati (first language), Mathematics, Science, Social Science (Environment) subjects in the subsidized and self-reliant primary schools as per the above schedule which will be conducted at that time and date from here. Must be taken from the question paper given through. While all other subjects can be tested voluntarily.

Considering the current Covid-19 epidemic, Std. Students from 6th to 8th will not be forced to attend. Students who are absent in the test will have to deliver the question papers and answer books to their home immediately after the completion of the test. Must be recovered by 30/03/2021. Std. The school does not have to call all the students from 3rd to 5th for the test but they have to deliver the question papers at home.

Std. Students from 3rd to 5th have to deliver the question papers of all the subjects simultaneously to their homes during March 15-16, 2021 and get them back on 23/3/21.
Std. In 3rd and 4th subjects students have to write the answers in the question papers only.
Students have to write answers in a separate answer book in all the subjects from std. 5 to 8. Students will have to write the answers with a ball pen with black / blue ink. Pencil cannot be used to write answers.
No teacher's leave shall be granted during the probationary period except for compelling reasons.
The school principal and taluka primary education officer will have to ensure that the entire test is conducted in a neutral, effective and regulatory manner.
The instructions and changes made from time to time by the Government regarding the planning of the said test should be taken into consideration and the guidelines of covid-19 of the Government should be strictly followed.
The result of this test is to enter the online data and then to limit the scanning process time on the SARAL DATA app. There should be a scanning table according to the specified size and specification for scanning on SARAL DATA app. For this a sample of the scanning table is included and sent. According to the school std. This arrangement has to be made at the school level as per the requirement of such sheet (scanning table) according to the number of subjects of those standards according to the number of students from 3 to 8. For this a separate grant will be allotted to the school from SSA according to the number of sheets as per the data received from CCC.

The numbers in this sheet should be written in English in clean letters. Student ID If you want to write in seven digits, you have to write seven digits from the right side. The student has to write the marks obtained in that question in double digits, if he has got 4 (four) marks in any question then he has to write 04. Only black / blue ink ballpen should be used in this sheet. BRC Co. Ordnance in this regard. With Shri. On 15/03/2021 at 3.30 pm V.C. Detailed understanding and instruction will be given in The V.C. Link to it Will be sent by 12.00 hours on the same day.
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Regarding preventive measures to control the transmission of Covid-19.

Regarding preventive measures to control the transmission of Covid-19.

The following instructions are circulated to all the Government / Semi-Government / Board / Corporation officers / employees on duty in the State as a precautionary measure against the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) as part of precautionary measures against the transmission of Covid-19.

The following orders apply to the personnel / officers directly involved in controlling the infection of Novel Corona virus Covid-19 as well as the departments / offices associated with essential / urgent services such as the Department of Health and Family Welfare as well as their affiliated offices, Food and Civil Supplies Department and their affiliated offices. Collectorate, Disaster Management Offices, Panchayats, Municipalities, Corporations (Employees / Officers involved in essential / immediate operations), Gas, Electricity Distribution Companies, Water Supply Offices, Police System, Homeguards, Citizens Attendance notices will not apply to offices.

In order to control the transmission of Novel Coro virus Covid-19 by the State Government, following instructions are given in the public interest to keep Government Offices with 30% staff from 15/04/2021 to 30/04/2021: -

Arrangements should be made to ensure that up to 60% of the staff / officers are present in the offices of the heads of administrative departments and departments of the State Government, semi-government offices, boards / corporations. Other officers / employees will have to work from home and be available on mobile phone and e-mail. However, all the necessary staff should be present so that there is no hindrance in the delivery of public service.

All government offices will be closed on all Saturdays and Sundays till 30/04/2021.

It has to be seen that social distance is maintained in every workplace in relation to the presence of employees / officers in the office.

In order to prevent the transmission of the novel Coro virus Covid-19, face-to-face meetings, meetings, etc. of the officers should be avoided and the video conferencing facility should be used as much as possible.

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Considering the transmission of Covid-19 virus of Novel Coro, maximum correspondence can be done on government e-mail, arrangements have to be made by the survey department accordingly.
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