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Tuesday 15 June 2021

Navneet TOPSCORER App For Free Education

Navneet TOPSCORER App For Free Education

Learning is very easy but Learning with essential component is likely to be lucky.

Learning with Audio-visual will give more confidence and liking towards concept clarity. Concept clarity will help to get more marks in the exam. Ultimate goal of more marks can be achieved not only through mugging but more marks with concept clarity leads child to be a successful person in longer run.

To become TOPScorer; we have developed education ecosystem where child can learn through interactive videos, read and revise using Navneet Guide and take unlimited exams as practice test.

After listing what is known - whether from the problem, previous knowledge, or personal experience - the group members should devise a specific statement of the problem. This statement may be based on discrepancies in data, incongruous events, anomalous conditions, or the needs of clients, constituents, or policymakers. The category "should be done?" helps students assign responsibilities for research (the next stage of the cycle). In this stage students shape the problem in their terms by dividing the tasks and delegating to group members the responsibility for researching needed information. This stage also elicits and activates students' existing knowledge, a crucial step in learning new information.

In the subsequent research stage, students collect necessary information on specific learning issues raised by the group. Students may conduct library searches, seek sources on the Internet, collect data, and/or interview knowledgeable authorities. Students teach themselves, thereby becoming responsible for their learning, as they research their learning issues. Further, they come to see the complexity and texture of the problem and, perhaps most important, may realize that information is not an end in itself. Rather, information is a means to the ends of managing problems competently.


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All the content provided in TOPScorer is prepared by subject matter expert and from the house of Navneet so Quality is not at all compromised.

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