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Saturday 3 December 2022

Matter of encouraging primary school teachers with 'Talented Teacher Certificate'

Matter of encouraging primary school teachers with 'Talented Teacher Certificate'

It has been decided that the provisions regarding issuance of Talent Teacher Certificate will be as under.

પ્રાથમિક શાળાના શિક્ષકોને 'પ્રતિભાશાળી શિક્ષક પ્રમાણપત્ર'થી પ્રોત્સાહિત કરવા બાબત

(A) Number of certificates

For "Talented Teacher Certificate" one teacher / head teacher per cluster and one session per state will have to be selected and they will have to be awarded "Talented Teacher Certificate".

(B) Procedure for selection of talented teacher:

1. No minimum service will be required for a talented teacher and will be available only once during the service period.


2. Evaluation from activity based on teacher's own attendance, attendance of students of their standard, unit test grading, assessment of merit / school accreditation, result of exit examination, result of annual examination etc. Have to do.

3. Special work done by the teacher for 20% weightage, any other social and educational contribution given as well as special work done in last five years such as writing articles in national / international publications, annual evaluation, teacher enthusiastically participating in school activities and teacher receiving regular training. Evaluate from activity based on Hoy etc.

4. The CRC will prepare a list of three names for the selection of a talented teacher and put it before the Taluka Committee keeping in view all the aforesaid marks.

5. The name selected by the Taluka Committee will be collected at the district level and submitted to the Office of the Director, Primary Education. And the names will be announced from the level of Director, Primary Education.

6. After the completion of the first and second sessions, teachers will have to be selected twice a year following this procedure in one month.

(C) Duration

If such teacher / head teacher is selected at the end of the first semester and at the end of the second semester, he / she will have to be awarded the “Talented Teacher Certificate” at the end of both semesters.

(D) Selection Committee:

The following selection committee should be formed to select the "Talented Teacher Certificate".

1. Taluka Primary Education Officer (TPEO)

2. Block Resource Co-ordinator (BRC)

3. Clusters Resource Member Secretary of the respective Pay Center (CRC)

This certificate may be considered as a criterion for future pre-qualification for the best teacher award at taluka, district and state level.

The Director, Office of Primary Education will have to bring this matter to the notice of all the concerned offices for the purpose of keeping every teacher informed of the details of this resolution and will have to give necessary administrative instructions for the incidental procedure.

This resolution is issued on the file of the same number of this department with the note dated 27/06/2019 following the approval of the Government.

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