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Wednesday 14 July 2021

Lightning struck the summit of the Dwarkadhish temple, breaking the flag

 ⛈️Lightning struck the summit of the Dwarkadhish temple, breaking the flag

 Lightning flashes with heavy thunder, stormy winds

 As the earthing of the copper wire was adjusted, lightning struck the ground, causing three-and-a-half inches of rain to flood the area.

 Dwarka: Lightning struck the temple of Lord Dwarkadhish, known worldwide as the Jagat Mandir, this afternoon.  The flag was shattered when lightning struck the temple's peak flag in heavy winds and rainy weather.

 Apart from this, no other damage was done to the temple.  The copper wire was installed on the top flag of the temple for power control and the current of electricity fell to the ground.

 Megharaja's stormy batting started with a thunderstorm in Dwarka today and the streets were flooded.  In just one hour, Megharaja rained three inches of rain.  The low-lying areas of the city were flooded.  Lightning flashed over the Dwarkadhish temple after heavy thunder and strong winds began to blow.

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 Lightning struck the temple's pinnacle flag, shattering the ground through a copper earthing wire, causing major damage.  Lightning struck the temple's flagpole today with Megharaja's concubine in Dwarka but no major damage was done, temple administrators said.  Only the flag fluttering around is broken.

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