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Wednesday 14 July 2021

People take Corona's third wave warning seriously: Govt

 😷People take Corona's third wave warning seriously: Govt

 The government is concerned about the mob that broke the Corona protocol at the tourist spot

 People in the country take the third wave of Corona as lightly as they talk about weather warnings which is not appropriatecampaign.

 As the country struggles with the second wave of the Corona epidemic, crowds of people gathered at hill stations and tourist spots to break the Corona protocol, raising concerns for the government.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also expressed concern over the crowds of people walking without masks in hill stations and markets.  He urged people to follow the Corona protocol to avoid the third wave of Corona.  The central government on Tuesday stressed that people should take Corona's third wave warning seriously and strictly follow rules such as wearing masks and adhering to social distances.  Meanwhile, the total death toll from Corona surpassed 2.10 lakh with more than 2,050 deaths, while 41.8 new cases of Corona were reported, the lowest in 114 days.  With this, the total number of cases has gone up to 2.08 crore.

 With the second wave of the Corona epidemic receding, crowds are flocking to hill stations and tourist spots to take advantage of the lockdowns and relaxed restrictions removed by state governments.  However, Corona has not yet disappeared from the country and the government and experts have repeatedly warned of a third wave of Corona.  However, it is not appropriate for people to take the government's third wave warning lightly like a 'weather alert', said a member of the policy commission (health) on Tuesday.  V.K.  Said Paul.  He asked people to strictly adhere to Corona protocols such as wearing masks, maintaining social distance.

 He added that the third wave of corona is being witnessed globally and people should be careful not to affect it in India.  Our behavior will bring a third wave than the atmosphere.  We have to follow the behavior of the Corona protocol to avoid the third wave.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the views of Sadar Bazaar and Janpath Bazaar in Delhi, Ranganathan Street in Chennai, Vilaripatti in Tamil Nadu, Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh and Bhushi Dam in Maharashtra as well as crowds at the hill station without masks or ignoring social distances are worrisome.  Prime Minister Modi on Tuesday held discussions with the chief ministers of eight northeastern states and urged them to be vigilant to prevent the spread of corona.  The Prime Minister said work must be done at the micro level to prevent the spread of corona.  The Prime Minister emphasized on creating micro containment zones.  The Prime Minister will discuss the situation of Corona in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha, Maharashtra and Kerala with the Chief Ministers of these states on July 15.

 Love Agarwal, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Health, said the government had earlier warned that the second wave of corona was not over yet.  Active cases and daily new cases have decreased, recovery rate has increased and cases have been limited.  But corona cases have increased globally, including in countries such as Britain, Russia, Bangladesh and Indonesia.  In India too, cases have recently increased in Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh.

 Meanwhile, 6,050 people died from corona in a single day in the country on Tuesday.  However, Madhya Pradesh saw a huge increase in the death toll on Tuesday, adding to the death toll.  Madhya Pradesh recorded 1,31 deaths on Tuesday.  The active cases of Corona have come down to 2.31 lakh, which is 1.50% of the total cases of Corona.  At the national level, the recovery rate has risen to 7.5 per cent.  The daily positivity rate has come down to 1.31 per cent.  It has been less than 3% for the last 3 days.  The number of patients who have recovered from the corona has crossed three crore.  So far, a total of 2.19 crore doses have been given in the country under the nationwide vaccination campaign

 Kawad Yatra canceled in Uttarakhand, will continue in UP.

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 The Pushkar Singh Dhami government in Uttarakhand has canceled a yatra this year amid fears of a third wave of corona in the country.  However, the yoke will continue in Uttar Pradesh.  After becoming the Chief Minister, Pushkar Singh Dhami decided to reconsider the annual religious pilgrimage in Uttarakhand.  The Uttarakhand government has canceled the yatra this year as it did last year.  Chief Minister Dhami said that this is a matter of faith of millions of people.  But we don't want to risk anyone's life. Saving people's lives is our priority.  If one has to lose one's life due to travel, even God will not like it.

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