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Monday 28 June 2021

STD 8 All subject video

📚STD 8 All subject video


When most people consider their insurance needs, only certain types of coverage typically come to mind. Health insurance and life (or sometimes disability) insurance protect you and your loved ones; car and homeowner's or renter's insurance protect your major tangible assets.

Personal liability insurance, frequently called an "umbrella" policy, seldom makes this list. But when a rainy day - or an expensive lawsuit - turns up, sometimes nothing but an umbrella will do.

As the name suggests, personal liability coverage mainly exists to protect against claims of liability. In most cases, that means finding yourself, and your assets, the target of a civil lawsuit. A personal liability policy may seem like overkill for individuals who already hold three or four insurance policies. It is true that not everyone needs such protection. But an umbrella policy effectively defends your assets and future income against damage claims that can arise from a wide variety of scenarios. Much like flood insurance for beachfront property, liability insurance is a product you hope you never need to use, but one which can create substantial peace of mind in the meantime.

Who Needs Liability Insurance?

Some level of personal liability coverage is built into homeowner's (or renter's) insurance and auto insurance. For many people, this may be sufficient. In part, this is because some types of assets are shielded by state and federal law. For instance, a court cannot force you to use qualified retirement accounts, such as 401(k)s, to pay a legal judgment, and most states have laws protecting traditional IRAs. Some states protect Roth IRAs and other retirement accounts, too. Many states also protect your primary residence, though the precise rules vary; Florida, for instance, offers very strong protections in this area, while other states may only shield a certain level of home equity.

સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન પ્રથમ સત્ર 6 થી 8 ના વૈકલ્પિક પ્રશ્નો

📝ધોરણ 8 જ્ઞાનસેતુ બ્રિજકોર્સ કલાસ રેડીનેસ તારીખ પ્રમાણે યુટ્યુબ પર નિહાળો

📕ધોરણ 8 ડી.ડી. ગિરનાર પ્રસારણ સમય 2.30 થી 3.00

તારીખ 10/06/2021 ગુજરાતી GS-૧ કદમ:૧
તારીખ 11/06/2021 ગણિત GS-૧ પ્રકરણ:૧
તારીખ 12/06/2021 અંગ્રેજી GS-૧ યુનિટ:૧,૨
તારીખ 14/06/2021 ગુજરાતી GS-૨ કદમ:૨,૩,૪
તારીખ 15/06/2021 ગણિત GS-૨ પ્રકરણ:૨,૩
તારીખ 16/06/2021 અંગ્રેજી GS-૨ યુનિટ : ૩
તારીખ 17/06/2021 ગુજરાતી GS-3 કદમ:૫,૬,૭
તારીખ 18/06/2021 ગણિત GS-3 પ્રકરણ:૪,૫
તારીખ 19/06/2021 અંગ્રેજી GS-3 યુનિટ : ૪
તારીખ 21/06/2021 ગુજરાતી GS-૪ કદમ:૮,૯,૧૦
તારીખ 22/06/2021 ગણિત GS-૪ પ્રકરણ:૬,૭
તારીખ 23/06/2021 અંગ્રેજી GS-૪ યુનિટ : ૫
તારીખ 24/06/2021 ગુજરાતી GS-૫ કદમ:૧૧,૧૨,૧૩
તારીખ 25/06/2021 ગણિત GS-૫ પ્રકરણ:૮
તારીખ 26/06/2021 અંગ્રેજી GS-૫ યુનિટ : ૬
તારીખ 28/06/2021 ગુજરાતી GS-૬ કદમ:૧૪,૧૫,૧૬

While the amounts vary by geography and insurance policy, homeowner's insurance usually includes up to $300,000 of personal liability coverage. Auto insurance typically covers up to $250,000 for each person and $500,000 per accident involving bodily harm, and less for incidents that involve property damage only. Yet lawsuits for serious accidents can sometimes result in judgments or settlements for millions of dollars. This is where umbrella policies kick in.

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