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Monday 8 March 2021

Navoday Mate Upayogi

Navoday Mate Upayogi

Navoday Mate Upayogi

The Navoday Mate Upayogi has colorful long feathers and a brown dock. He has a bouquet on his head. It has two legs and two eyes. Navoday Mate Upayogi

Navoday Mate Upayogi eat seeds and insects. The peacock kills the snake. Hence it is called the farmer's companion. Navoday Mate Upayogi

Peacocks are found in forests, on farms, in city zoos, in gardens and in large bungalow compounds. Navoday Mate Upayogi

The peacock looks so beautiful when it dances. Mor speaks "Tahuk… Tahuk ...". The peacock's feather is lost in the crown of Lord Krishna.

The Navoday Mate Upayogi is our national bird.

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The Navoday Mate Upayogi. The color of the dog is white, black, red or black. The dog has four legs, two ears, two eyes and a crooked tail. Navoday Mate Upayogi

The dog is a loyal animal. He guards the house. If a stranger comes at night, he burns. The dog also works to sniff out the steps and catch the thief. Dogs are kept in the police force. Navoday Mate Upayogi

Mate Upayogi Some people keep dogs as a hobby. He is called by affectionate names like Raju, Tommy, Moti. Hunters and farmers also keep dogs. The dog is happy to see its owner.

Navoday Mate Upayogi The rainy season has three main seasons of the year: winter, summer and monsoon.

Navoday Mate Upayogi The monsoon rains, so it is also called the monsoon season. In the rainy season the sky is covered with dark black clouds. The cold wind is blowing. The rain breaks with a flash of lightning and thunder of clouds. That is why everyone, big or small, comes to enjoy. The Navoday Mate Upayogi dances with art. The frog does

s plow the fields. He sows seeds in the field. In a few days, green plants sprout from the seed. Green grass also grows on the earth. From wells, lakes, rivers

Navoday Mate Upayogi Major festivals like Rakshabandhan, Janmashtami, Navratri and Diwali come in the rainy season. People celebrate these festivals with joy.

Navoday Mate Upayogi Sometimes heavy rains during the monsoon season cause a lot of damage. The grain does not ripen. It is called green 'drought'. Sometimes there is very little rain. So the grain does not ripen. It is called "dry drought". Navoday Mate Upayogi

The rainy season is very useful to us. So it’s my favorite season. Navoday Mate Upayogi

My school name is Adarsh ​​Primary School.

My school is located in Maninagar. My school building is three stories high. It has eighteen rooms. Each room is large and airy. Each room has two fans. My school has a library and a science room. Navoday Mate Upayogi

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