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Monday 8 March 2021

Education is an important tool, which is very useful in everyone's life


Education is an important tool, which is very useful in everyone's life.  Education is what sets us apart from other living beings on earth.  It makes man the smartest creature on earth.  It empowers human beings and prepares them to face life's challenges efficiently.

 Our country has been the center of education since ancient times.  India has a rich and interesting history of education.  It is believed that in ancient times, education was given orally by saints and scholars and information was transmitted from one generation to another.

 After the development of letters, it took the form of writing using palm leaves and tree bark.  It also helped in the spread of written literature.  Temples and community centers played the role of schools.  Later, the gurukula system of education came into existence.

 Impact of modernization on education

 Education plays an important role in society.  Education itself creates our knowledge, transfers it to students and promotes new knowledge.  Modernization is a process of socio-cultural change.  It is a series of changes involving values, norms, institutions and structures.  According to the sociological point of view, education is not according to the individual needs of the individual, but it arises from the needs of the society in which the individual is a member.

 In a stable society, the main function of the educational system is to pass on cultural heritage to new generations.  But in a changing society, its pattern changes from generation to generation and in such a society the educational system should not only be taken as a cultural heritage, but also help in preparing the youth for the adjustment of change in them.  And that lays the foundation for future possibilities.

 Skilled people are trained in modern educational institutions, whose scientific and technical knowledge leads to the industrial development of the country.  Other values ​​like individualism and universalist ethics etc. can also be developed through education.  Thus education can be an important weapon of modernization.  The importance of education can be realized from the fact that all modern societies emphasize the universalization of education and in ancient times, education was focused on a particular group.  But with the modernization of education, now everyone has the facility to get education irrespective of their caste, religion, culture and economic background.

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 The effect of modernization can also be seen in schools.  Modern day schools are fully equipped with technically sound devices that help children develop their expertise in a more explicit way.  Effective facilities provide barrier-free means for persons with disabilities, are free from health and environmental hazards, provide adequate space for students and teachers, and are equipped with appropriate technology for classroom and instructional use.

 The current teaching system needs more flexibility in classroom locations than a classroom system.  For example, students working together in small groups may use shared spaces between classes in some of the district's new primary schools.

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