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Monday 19 October 2020

RTO All Gujarat ITI List For Learning

 RTO All Gujarat ITI List For Learning []

Tired of the long lines of RTOs? So there is good news for you. Now the learning license will be operated in ITI and not in RTO. The state government has taken this decision for the convenience of the people and compliance with the traffic rules.

All Gujarat ITI List For Learning Driving License All RTO office conduct computer based examination of driving license. It’s also useful for getting to know Licence of Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV), Heavy Motor automobile (HMV). Right here we’ve got supply two mode learning and test mode that allows you to be aware of RTO examination and put off worry of failing and helps to complete RTO test with full confidence.

How to Apply for Driving Licence in Gujarat - Sarathi Parivahan

Form No. 1A (Driving License Application Form Print in sarathi) Form No. It is mandatory to upload a certified original copy of any of the following: Ration card (with affidavit) Voter ID card. A certified copy of your voter list or a valid passport. Life insurance policy is at least 6 months old and the latest receipt.

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License Procedure :

●At the last, you can find the complete process on how to apply for RTO exam or driving license test. This RTO Driving Licence Exam is dividing in two-part

1) Step by step procedure obtain your learner driving license

2) Step by step procedure obtain your permanent driving license.


●State/Language Selection: You can change state and language anytime! App will display information in language of your choice.

●Forms: Important RTO related forms are available within app. You can find and download forms as per your needs.

●RTO Office Information: Select city in order to find RTO office address and contact details

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