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Sunday 26 July 2020

STUDY E-Learning Study materials video Std 10 DD Girnar And Diksha portal video

STUDY E-Learning Study materials video Std 10 DD Girnar And Diksha portal video 


STUDY e-Learning Study materials video Std 8 DD Girnar/Diksha portal video 

Today, it is a very difficult time for you to inform the public of Gujarat, especially parents, teachers, friends and students, because all the children are studying at home due to the coronavirus epidemic and the Gujarat government is working to ensure that this study is not spoiled.  It is also our humble request that you read this article in its entirety for the complete information on who can benefit from it.


IMPORTANT LINK  for Video:: 

DATE 28-7-2020 MATHS VIDEO        

DATE 27-7-2020 MATHS VIDEO        

DATE 26-7-2020 MATHS &  HINDI VIDEO    

DATE 25-7-2020 ENGLISH VIDEO       

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DATE 23-7-2020 SCIENCE VIDEO       

DATE 22-7-2020 SCIENCE VIDEO       



Date 16-6-2020 Science vdeo
Date 15-6-2020 Science Video

 We are all aware of the fact that the government of all the states is now providing free education to all the children of Gujarat as well as India through online education so that they can study at home. But first let me tell you that this is the first time in history that all primary  We are getting online education for the first time in schools as well as in secondary and higher secondary schools. It is very important for us all to take advantage of it. Because of this situation, our children can easily study at home.  The positive thing we see

 So let us now read in detail in this post about how we can get online education through the Government of Gujarat as well as the Department of Education of the Government of India and how we have to take action to get online education.

 In order to get the first online education, it is very important that we only have a TV or a mobile phone. We have seen the broadcast of the channel by DD Girnar. You have also seen this broadcast. It is available to us for free without spending any money.  We are also getting this channel in the film as a Doordarshan TV channel through satellites. Outside friends, in this channel also you can have fun showing your children videos on DD Girnar according to the daily schedule which is prepared by all the primary teachers of the video education department.  We kindly request you to watch all these videos

 Now let us see how else our eyes can watch the video of the study sitting at home. I will give you the information. We are the first woman to see that we can watch the video through DD Girnar but we also have another option to watch the video.  Admirable, very admirable, very inventive and welcome because nowadays it is possible for everyone to have a mobile, whether it is a simple mobile or not a little android mobile, but most of the people now use Android mobiles in which whatsapp facebook like  The app is easily installed. To watch this type of video, we need only one app inside our mobile called youtube app.

 With the help of this application we can easily watch videos of Gujarat Government as well as Government of India at any time as per our convenience which we can study at home or even do online education.  We can now easily make all the videos through youtube and DD Girnar

 So all viewers are kindly requested that for this video you can upload this video daily to your children as well as your relative's children here on this blog whose link you can easily access youtube as well as all the videos from Diksha Portal by MHRD department of Government of India here daily.  You will be able to watch the video that can be shown to your children every day on this post.

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