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Tuesday 11 October 2022

Portable Fridge: This fridge runs without electricity, is smaller than a suitket, priced at Rs 3,999

Portable Fridge This fridge runs without electricity, is lower than a suitket, priced at Rs 3,999 

New Delhi. Lifelong 4 L Refrigerator Single door Portable fridge has been introduced by Lifelong company. Which has been listed for trade in Flipkart Big Diwali trade 2022. This refrigerator has been introduced as Lifelong 4 L Thermoelectric Cooling Single Door Refrigerator. This fridge will be especially stylish for those people who are frequently traveling. Also, this fridge will be stylish for those areas where there's no electricity, because the fridge can be charged with AC as well as DC. The size of Lifelong 4L fridge is lower than suitket. The same price is lower than a neckband ofRs. 4000. 


The price of Lifelong 4 L Refrigerator is Rs 3,999 on Flipkart. But after the reduction, you'll be suitable to buy it for Rs 919. Actually, an exchange offer of Rs 3,080 is being given on this fridge. This can be bought at a yearly EMI of Rs 139. 


what is special

    • The Lifelong 4 L Refrigerator comes with a single door. Dairy products like milk and other products can be kept in this fridge. The capacity of this refrigerator is 4 liters. 
    • The fridge comes in a sword body and lustrous finish. One time bond is being given on the purchase of the refrigerator. 
    • still, also the height of the fridge is 27, If we talk about the size.5 cm. While the depth is 19 cm. and range is 25 cm. Is. While its weight is 1.8 kg. Is. In this way, you can fluently take this fridge anywhere.
    • This is a mini fridge. It can store 6 barrels at a time. It can be fluently switched from cool to warm. This fridge comes with AC and DC power input. It has a 12V auto bowl. The refrigerator can be charged from the auto battery. This fridge can be perfect for trip. 

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