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Friday 21 October 2022

Mobile internet speed: Why India is lagging behind despite 5G? Know India’s Mobile and Broadband Speed

Mobile internet speed Why India is lagging behind despite 5G? Know India’s Mobile and Broadband Speed 

New Delhi. Mobile internet Speed 5G service has started in India. still its compass is limited. It's anticipated that in the coming 2 times, 5G service will be rolled out in all the metropolises of India. After which the internet speed can increase. But if we talk about the present time, also India is constantly lagging before in global mobile internet speed. According to the report of Global Speed Testing Agency Ookla, India’s position in fixed line broadband speed is also not perfecting. 


falling mobile speed ranking

According to a report by Ookla, India has left behind a notch in the global internet speed ranking. However, also India has fallen from 78 species to 79 species in the Global Broadband Mobile Internet Ranking, If we talk about the month of September. While the broadband speed ranking has bettered by a notch. During this, India’s ranking rose by one place to 118 from the 117 places. India’s ranking has bettered in the month of September in terms of mobile downloading speed. The average mobile download speed during the month was been 13.52 Mbps, which increased to13.87 Mbps in the September. Talking about the broadband speed, the average speed broadband speed in September was be 48.29 Mbps, which was48.59 Mbps in August. Norway has the fastest mobile internet in the world. Whereas Chile is at the top in terms of overall broadband speed. 


Top 5 Mobile Speed ​​Countries


  • Norway –126.94 Mbps 
  • United Arab Emirates –126.85 Mbps 
  • Qatar –124.29 Mbps 
  • China –116.42 Mbps 
  • Netherlands –105.52 Mbps 


    Top 5 Countries With Broadband Speeds


    • Chile –217.43 Mbps 
    • Singapore –215.83 Mbps 
    • China –196.00 Mbps 
    • Thailand –195.22 Mbps 
    • Hong Kong –186.02 Mbps 


      Top 5 Countries With the Worst Mobile Internet Speeds

      • Ghana –7.16 Mbps 
      • Venezuela-5.58 Mbps 
      • Afghanistan –5.21 Mbps 
      • Cuba –4.51 Mbps 
      • Haiti –4.44 Mbps 

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