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Saturday 10 September 2022

YouTube will be able to create paid training courses

YouTube will be suitable to produce paid training courses

Google is about to add a new literacy- related point to the YouTube platform. At the same time, we're talking about a new occasion for content authors.


It does n’t have a name yet, but it’s relatively simple YouTube will be suitable to post paid educational courses. That is, the authors of similar courses, whatever they may concern, will be suitable to use only YouTube, without turning their scholars to third- party platforms or spots, because it'll be possible to pay for these courses directly on YouTube.


 Videos that will be part of paid courses won't contain Google advertisements and will be suitable to play in the background. In this case, we're talking about those who don't have a YouTube Premium subscription, but will pay for some kind of training course.


As part of the new service, an fresh function of the quiz( Quizzes) will also appear. Course authors will be suitable to produce similar quizzes for their guests, which will diversify the literacy process.


originally, the new service will appear in the US and South Korea as a beta coming time. It's also worth noting that the authors will be suitable to offer those who wish and free courses.

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