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Friday 30 September 2022

KYC required for WhatsApp users too, jail time, fine of Rs 50,000 if SIM is bought on fake ID

KYC needed for WhatsApp druggies too, jail time, forfeiture of Rs 50,000 if SIM is bought on fake ID 

New DelhiWhatsApp KYC Hiding the identity of a SIM card is going to be veritably precious. Because, now putting a SIM on a fake identity card can lead to imprisonment and a forfeiture of over to Rs 50,000. either, if you're drooling with someone on WhatsApp, Signal or indeed Telegram while hiding your identity, the same law will apply and you'll face forfeitures including jail time. According to a report by Economic Times, your SIM card identity can not be hidden. Let’s understand the exact case in detail. 

The government believes that such a provision will see a reduction in cyber crimes. According toSub-Section 4 of Section 7 of the Telecom Bill, guests are needed to expose their true identity at all times. False identity or concealment of identity shall be punishable with imprisonment of either description which may extend to rupees 50,000 or with both. 


The draft bill also says that in similar cases the police can arrest you without a leave and start an disquisition without a court order. Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav had also lately said that the government is taking the issue of online fiscal fraud seriously and going forward, druggies of OTT platforms like WhatsApp- Signal will also have to suffer KYC formalisation. He said that the Telecom Bill will be enforced in 6- 10 months. 


Caller’s KYC name will appear on the screen of the call receiver:

Ashwini Vaishnav said that all apps used for calling or any kind of communication will come under the new telecom bill. Also, he also clarified that the government won't decipher the druggies ’ dispatches which means that the dispatches or calls will remain as secure as ahead. He also said that a phone call receiver should always know who called and what's his identity. 

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