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Wednesday 14 September 2022

Know the loss of E-SIM, otherwise you will regret after buying the phone

Know the loss of E-SIM, else you'll lament after buying the phone 

New Delhi. lately a new model of the iPhone 14 series has been launched by Apple. Apple has blazoned that not all iPhone 14 models will have a SIM- charger niche in the US. Meaning bothE-SIM support has been given in all models. still, all models of iPhone 14 in India will getE-SIM as well as physical SIM support. before the physical SIM card niche is handed with all oneE-SIM in the iPhone 13. But do you know thatE-SIM has its disadvantages, let’s know about this in detail. 


Know the disadvantages of e-sim 

E-SIM can not be changed sitting at home 

E-SIM can not be changed sitting at home. For this you have to visit the sanctioned service center. Meaning if you want to get Jio SIM, also you have to visit Jio service center, where you'll have to sparkE-SIM after some attestation. 


Can’t change phone again and again 

Still, also a smartphone withe-SIM isn't good for you, If you constantly change phones. Because every time you change the phone, you have to go to the authorized center of the telecom provider, which can beget you problems. 


What's e-sim? 

E-SIM One Bedded Subscriber 

The full form of eSIM is Bedded Subscriber Identity Module. E-SIM is formerly inbuilt in the phone. Meaning they can not be seen. It doesn't bear a SIM charger. Your details are uploaded in digital form in thee-SIM. No redundant space is needed in the phone. In such a situation, smartphone companies are helped to make the phone featherlight. Also, it helps to make the phone in ultra-thin design. Simply put,e-SIM is like internal memory, in which your data is saved. eSIM can also be rewritten like internal storehouse. In this way mobile druggies can change their driver as per their want. 

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