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Friday 5 August 2022

These 5 food items can help increase your HB count

These 5 food particulars can help increase your HB count 

Haemoglobin is an iron rich protein that's seen in the red blood cells in the mortal body. It plays a major part in transporting oxygen to colorful corridor of the body. Low haemoglobin situations can beget prostration, lack of appetite and anaemia. A UNICEF report points out that utmost women and children in India suffers health issues that's caused by low haemoglobin count. 


Following a well balanced and nutrient rich diet can insure that your haemoglobin situations don't go down. Noted nutritionist Loveneet Batra, in an Instagram post that she participated, spoke about the food particulars that should be included in the diurnal menu to maintain healthy haemoglobin situations. 



Spinach is a rich source of iron that can increase the red blood cells and haemoglobin. 



The iron in dates can increase the erythrocytes that can help in haemoglobin product. Besides iron, dates contain vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex and folic acid. These can help anaemia. 



Iron and bobby are needed for the product of the red blood cells. Raisins are rich sources of these. 


Cutlet millet, sludge, little millet and barnyard millet could be included in the regular diet to increase haemoglobin and serum ferritin in the blood. either, these are excellent to cure iron insufficiency. 


Sesame seeds 

Sesame seeds are warehouses of iron, folate, flavonoids and bobby. This prevents anaemia by adding the haemoglobin count. 

Black current, dried apricot, forelimb leaves, tamarind, peanuts and toor dal are some of the food particulars that could be consumed to increase the haemoglobin count.

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