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Friday 18 February 2022

how to claim motor accident insurance without lawyer in india

How to claim motor accident insurance without lawyer in india

How To Claim Auto Insurance After an Accident? 

Despite being a good motorist, you could be involved in an accident and the result can be veritably stressful at times. When you're involved in an accident, you need to follow certain way to insure all are safe, follow the law and initiate the insurance claim process. Your immediate action is to inform your insurance company and follow the procedure duly to claim auto insurance after an accident. Working with your insurer after an accident is pivotal to get your claim settled correctly. 

How to Claim Auto Insurance After an Accident in India? 

The business viscosity in India can be veritably grandly due to the sheer number of vehicles. While you may drive safely and insure you follow business rules, there may be necessary mishaps. The process to raise a claim for auto insurance after an accident has evolved over the times. Technology and digitizing of colorful deals have made it easier to follow certain procedures. Read on to learn what steps you need to take after an accident in India. 

Procedure For Making a Auto Insurance Claim After Meeting an Accident 

Claiming auto insurance after an accident requires a careful understanding of the procedure of registering the claim with your insurance company. Below is a step-by- step companion for making a auto insurance claim 

1. Inform Your Insurance Company 

Make a call to your insurance company to inform them about the accident and give detailed information about the damages to your auto. Insure you don't withhold any information from your insurer as it may be ineffective while settling claims. 

2. Train an FIR with the Police 

Inform the police about the accident incontinently and file a First Information Report (FIR), if needed. FIR is needed in case of theft, road accidents or fire. You may not bear an FIR if it's for minor dents and scrapes. And you'll bear it when a third party is involved in the accident. 

3. Take Filmland 

Make sure you take enough filmland of the damage and the place of the accident. Insure the photos are clear and damages are visible so that the insurance company will be suitable to examine the extent of physical damages and settle the claim consequently. 

4. Submit Needed Documents to the Insurer 

To reuse the claim, the insurance company requires certain documents similar as a dupe of the insurance policy, FIR, the proprietor- motorist’s Driving Licence, a dupe of the Registration Certificate of your auto, etc. Insure you submit these documents and work with your insurer for a hassle-free experience. 

5. Get Your Auto Repaired 

You can take your auto to the garage to get it repaired. Or, you can ask your insurance company to get the autofixed.However, you'll moreover be refunded or compensated for the loss consequently, If the insurer approves your claim. 

6. In The Case of Theft 

In case your auto is stolen, follow the process of informing your insurance company and train an FIR at the original police station. Submit documents similar as the RC, your DL, FIR,etc. to the insurance company.However, they will issue anon-traceable instrument, If the police aren't suitable to trace the auto within a reasonable time frame. The insurer will also settle the claim and pay the current request value of your auto. 


Documents Needed To Make a Auto Insurance Claim 

One of the most important aspects while raising a claim on your auto insurance is to submit the needed documents. Below is the list of documents needed while raising a auto insurance claim 

  • Copy of your auto insurance policy. 
  • The First Information Report (FIR) from the police. 
  • Copy of the motorist’s driving licence. 
  • Properly filled and inked claim form. 
  • Original form bill, cash bills,etc. 
  • Copy of your auto’s Registration Certificate (RC). 
  • Medical bills in case of physical injuries. 

Additional Documents in Case of Reimbursement Claim:

In case you would like your auto repaired with your plutocrat and also want to raise a claim to get a payment, you'll have to give fresh documents to the insurance company. Below are the documents in case of payment claim 

  • Original form bills or cash bills. 
  • All other documents listed above this section. 

What You Should Not Do After an Accident? 


There are important preventives that you need to exercise as soon as you meet with an accident. There are conduct that you shouldn't be doing as well. Learn what you shouldn't do after an accident 


Do Not Run Down 


Deal with the situation rather of facing the consequences latterly. Running down will make you look suspicious and the claim process becomes indeed more delicate. Depending on the inflexibility of the situation, you may have to meet legal consequences and end up losing a lot of plutocrat. Stay calm and take a softer approach while dealing with people or the law. 


Avoid Not Filing a Claim 


Your auto insurance policy is designed to cover the fiscal arrears arising out of damages to third parties and your auto. Not filing a claim within the quested time frame may lead to disapprobation, causing a dent on your savings. 


Deal With a Calm Mind 


Don't get combative with the third party. Deal the situation with the utmost care and insure a productive discussion with the third party. 

How To Train a Auto Insurance Claim? 

You can make two different types of bus insurance claims which are Own Damage and Third- party claims. Then's the process on how to file a auto insurance claim 

 Own Damage Claim 

In case you have comprehensive auto insurance which covers your own damages, you can raise a claim for the damages to your vehicle. Below is the process to file a auto insurance claim if you have comprehensive insurance 

  • Step 1 Inform your insurance company about the accident and the extent of the damages to your vehicle. 
  • Step 2 Train a First Information Report (FIR) at the original police station. 

  • Step 3 Submit needed documents with the insurance company. 
  • Step 4 Get a surveyor to check your auto and get the claim settled once your auto is fixed. 

Third- Party Claim 

In case a third party has caused damages or injuries to you or to your auto by a third party vehicle, you can raise a claim for medical charges due to particular injury or property damage. There's no limit on the liability cover for injury or death, while the cover for damages to third party property is limited toRs.7.5 lakh. The Motor Insurance Claims Tribunal will decide the compensation quantum after due process. 

Still, in case your vehicle has caused damages to a third party auto, your insurance company will compensate for the loss, injury or death of the third party. Below is the process to file the third party claim in both scripts 

  • Step 1: Get the insurance details of the third party auto and inform the third party’s insurance company about the accident. 
  • Step 2: Inform your insurance company within the stipulated time period.
  • Step 3: Inform the accident at the local police station and file an FIR. Ensure the FIR has all details of the vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Step 4: The Motor Claims Tribunal will decide the compensation in case of a major accident.

Things To Remember:

Then are a many effects to remember while raising a claim on your auto insurance policy 

  • Inform your insurance company incontinently without any detention. The time period is generally within 24 hours of the incident. In case of detention, there's a possibility of the claim being disapproved. 
  • Inform the police if needed. In case needed, insure you get the FIR filed at the original police station.
  • Assess the situation and raise the right type of claim.However, you can avoid raising a claim and take advantage of the NCB, If it's a minor dent and is negligible. 
  • Insure you enter correct details while submitting the claim form. Avoid incorrect contact details or credentials which may impact your claim. 
  • Try and not make an on-the- spot agreement with the third party to avoid unlooked-for hassles. 
  • Don't get combative with the third party. Try and settle the issue amicably to avoid any gratuitous confusion. 
  • Abide by the legal formalities in case of an accident and follow procedures of the law department. 
  • Make sure you get all the documents necessary to raise a claim. 
  • Still, also get your auto fixed at the network garage to take advantage of the cashless service, If you have the option of a cashless claim installation. 

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