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Tuesday 14 December 2021

Herbal mavo..Ayurvedic mavo


Herbal mavo..Ayurvedic mavo

Free Ayurvedic app on cooked plants/herbs, their curative quantity & at your house remedies

Completely offline and free Ayurveda app containing catalog of every part of ripe plants, herbs, their medical remuneration and their employment in back at the ranch remedies.

Key Features:-

* sack ayurvedic remedial blue-collar item herbs and safe to eat plants old in every day life. for the most part of the ingredients of any self alleviate and land of your birth remedies are the ayurvedic remedial plants and herbs establish at home.
* Provides manipulation of herbs and plants as herbal residence remedies for unlike diseases & conditions.

* Offline ayurvedic medicine book. installation without internet after at the outset download.
* This herbal remedy manual is a curative guide with ayurvedic plants in sequence & ayurveda remedies for customary illness.
* healing plants and their uses are together from dated tamil and hindi ayurveda books.
* manage this herbs lead to attain our a number of strange ripe plants, their uses & health benefits.

Steam therapy is careful to be the superlative manner to clear the lungs. When the breath is inhaled, the airway opens, and the dribble in the lungs plus comes out. The conundrum of pollution and fog is further in the frost season, accordingly exploit steam therapy every day to save the lungs free from contamination.

Make a cube of camphor and a serving of ajmo and clove in a bandanna and sniff it 10 to 15 era with bass breath and every two hours This raises the oxygen parallel to 7-8 in 24 hours.

Green tea is beneficial for health in several ways. It preserve assistance in stress loss, absorption and purification the lungs. wet behind the ears tea loaded in antioxidants moving parts to save from harm the delicate handkerchief of the lungs by relieving soreness and keen in the lungs.

Breathing exercises are a exalted respect to bathe the lungs. You preserve recover lung go through breathing exercises. remarkably if you smoke or if you hold lung disease. as a result this breathing employ will positively increase the do of the lungs by clearance the lung ravage and service to continue it clean.

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