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Saturday 7 August 2021

To organize a parents' convention on the occasion of 15th August-21st Independence Day


To organize a parents' convention on the occasion of 15th August-21st Independence Day

My response to page 5 was very enthusiastic and helpful. Tenth Ram Shangi .. Tried to open the door of truth for the villains as well as the kisses which led to the celebration of Dum Dema Malatmak Pratiksha.

Kil Level Language Samyum and Other Crops A. Regional, State, Sonti and National Bal Sabha, Irrigation 81p, National Lokadh as part of Ranginsav at the same level. National Role Play Art Rhythm, Music Art Unsav and Inter School Band Competition Biological Water are all Evaidas Youkay School Evaluation (Annual Sidvi Survey): The department has started the National Achievement Survey (NAS) process to evaluate study outcomes which is a regular interval.

The process has been developed after detailed informative discussions with all stakeholders. The results of the NAS held in the year 2013-14 are available in the public sector only from Puffle. Millions of students and targeted interventions by NCERT In a pilot survey to create a framework to improve the outcome of education, it was decided to conduct a school-based assessment.

Formation of Youth Clubs and Eco Clubs: Youth Club life in schools to develop skills, increase self-esteem, develop confidence and resilience and stress. Shame and fear are the means to cope with negative emotions. The EcoClub at school will enable students to participate in meaningful environmental activities and projects. It is a platform through which the student can be motivated.

Encourages environmental behavior to their parents and the surrounding community. It will enable students to explore environmental concepts and actions beyond the limits of the textbook and curriculum.

The above vision will create youth and ecoclubs for students in all schools. Where they can participate in yachts, music, arts, sports, reading, physical activities after school hours and during vacations.


In particular the schools will use sports equipment and libraries as well as the ideal school structure which will help the students to develop their hobbies, skills and interests, otherwise they will not be able to develop it. For youth and ecoclubs, Rs. 15000 / - has been provided. While at the secondary level, Rs. Rs. 000 / - has been provided. 162

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