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Wednesday 9 June 2021

Oxygen Park in Ahmedabad



 Oxygen Park in Ahmedabad 

 Jungle Park with Gardens by the Corporation Department

  Features of Rising Park 

 If you want to enjoy the jungle, you will find the jungle here

  This park is excellent for fresh air 

  Visit once in a while to get plenty of oxygen

Exercise equipment and sports facilities available for children 

It cannot be more over-emphasized that oxygen is vital for sustenance of life on earth. Through respiration oxygen is taken to the lungs from where, after dissolving in blood, it is carried to all the cells in the body. It is responsible for oxidation or burning of food, thus, generating energy required for our body to function. In our day to day life, we see many people who seem tired or look like they have no energy. It is so because many of us, now-a-days, suffer from deficiency of oxygen.

Such deficiency can result from host of factors such as poor diet, air pollution, and wrong method of breathing and lack of exercise. The lack of sufficient oxygen in our cells weakens our immune system. Needless to say, oxygen is one of the most important elements needed for sustaining life on the planet. In the absence of oxygen, either our bodies start to suffer or we die. In case of deficiency of oxygen, the metabolism does not happen in the correct way resulting in weak or unhealthy cells. As a result, we lose our natural immunity and become susceptible to viruses and all sorts of diseases. However, we can opt for oxygen supplements for treatment of lack of oxygen or else we must undergo oxygen therapy.

On the other hand, the non-metallic element is also instrumental in destroying the harmful bacteria while leaving the beneficial bacteria totally unharmed. No drug can accomplish such a feat. For leading a fuller life, we need to exercise and follow a diet that is rich in nutrients. However, it is not the case as far as our modern life is concerned. We a lead a sedentary life which is aggravated by depleted oxygen levels in the atmosphere. The situation demands we inhale more of the highly reactive element to deal with the stresses of modern life.

There are numerous stresses on bodies resulting from the nature of modern life. To begin with, we cannot avoid getting exposed to chemicals. To get rid of the toxic stress due to chemical exposure, our cells need to be detoxified from time to time. In a world where breakdown of families or personal relationships is all too common, there is no way to escape emotional stress, which requires the production of adrenaline and andrenal hormones. Moreover, a physical trauma also restricts circulation as well as supply of oxygen inside our bodies. And, oxygen is also exhausted by infections we suffer from as non-metallic gas is needed to fight off fungi, bacteria and viruses.

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