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Friday, 18 June 2021

Diploma Admission After Usful STD10th

Diploma Admission After Usful STD10th

During the Corona period, the work schedule of the workers was so organized that people no longer had to do any housework. One day Rohini came to the psychiatrist. He complained of living a very lonely life. He told the doctor that because of this loneliness, he spends a lot of time on social media and the internet.

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Coming from work from home we have forgotten the difference between home and office and we have also forgotten the habit of putting the laptop aside when we usually come home. In today's digital age, the question is not whether you use too much screen and the Internet? Because who will decide who we will say too much to?

Internet usage disorder is now increasing day by day and there is a lot of reading and research on it. Somewhere you have not been a victim of this disorder and find out by answering the following questions ...

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Do you spend more time online than you wanted or expected?

Do you spend time online, compromising on household chores?

Do you find that spending time on the Internet is more enjoyable than spending time with your partner?

Are most of your new friends made on the Internet?

Do your family members complain that you don't give them enough time because of the internet?

Is your study or office work ruined by the time you spend on the Internet?

Do you constantly check WhatsApp or Facebook before starting any work?

Do You Think Your Life Will Be Boring Without The Internet?

Feel overwhelmed or angry when you're offline?

If you have the answers to 5 or more of the above 9 questions, then you have symptoms of Internet Use Disorder and you should be warned.

One thing is for sure, using the internet is not a bad thing. Most of the work will have to be done through the internet tomorrow if not today. But exaggeration of anything makes us dependent on it and that is why we need to control it.

So how can we control the growing use of the Internet in the Kovid period?

Nowadays, every device has a 'Screen Time' app, which gives you an idea of ​​how much time you spent in which app. Downloading this free app and deciding from its analysis that 'Yes, there is too much time in Instagram .. I will do less now.'

Use a 'blue light filter' in each device. Blue light prevents the formation of melatonin in our brain, which has a detrimental effect on our sleep and mental health. That is to make sure that the blue light does not reach the eye or in the glasses.

Even if it is difficult at the beginning, try to get people to speak their minds. Trying to find friends in the neighborhood rather than making friends online. So, we can have real world expectations instead of a fantasy.

Definitely try to spend time with family and loved ones. So, we have access to media other than the Internet of pleasure.

Mind: It is important to realize that the Internet is a fantasy world. Normal life will not feel bad or boring if we accept that.

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