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Saturday 8 May 2021

Man to meet: Mukesh Sojitra, the author of the web series 'Vithal Tidi' from whose story

Man to meet: Mukesh Sojitra, the author of the web series 'Vithal Tidi' from whose story

Man to meet: Mukesh Sojitra, the author of the web series 'Vithal Tidi' from whose story I met - I have written more than 400 stories in the last 5 years with my job as a teacher, walking 9 km to read a book

Born in Bhammaria village of Bhavnagar and works as a primary teacher
The story is written not for financial gain, but for hobby

The first web series 'Vithal Tidi' on Gujarati digital platform 'Oho' is being released today (May 7). The series is based on the short story 'Vithal Tidi'. 'Vithal Tidi' is a short story written by teacher and writer Mukesh Sojitra. Mukesh Sojitra wrote this story five years ago. He had struck a deal with director Abhishek Jain a year ago. Mukesh Sojitra has come out of poverty. He has read a lot in his life. He started writing over the last five years. Divyabhaskar tried to peek into his life by talking to Mukesh Sojitra.

When did you come up with the idea to write a story?

I am an elementary teacher and I have been writing since 2016. I have written more than 400 short stories and four novels.

Is the short story 'Vithal Tidi' based on a true story?

There is whole fiction. A lot of the characters are taken from my childhood in the 1980s and the job period that followed. However, this is fiction. The focus is not on one person. I wrote this story about five years ago in 2016.

How did this story reach Abhishek Jain?

I used to post my story in social media. I never send my story to any magazine. Literary writers write one or two stories a month. When I write 15 or 20 stories several times a month. I write my way. I don’t write by walking on the rules of the story. Abhishek liked this story and then in the last lockdown he got an offer that he liked this story. This character is very much liked by him. I don't know then that Abhishek Jain is a director and he has directed three or four films. In the film, Prateek Gandhi did not know that Shraddha Dangar was going to work. It was going to be such a huge series, I had no idea. I realized from the trailer that my whole story has been taken and given full justice to it. I was called to the screening of the series, but I couldn’t go because of Corona. So I haven't finished the series yet.

What came to your mind when the story became a series?

I really liked the story when it became a series. It was only when I started writing that I decided that I would not send any magazines or anywhere in front of me. I will give only if people ask for it. This is my hobby. I do not write for financial gain. I used to post my story in SoMedia. While writing since 2016, I had a dream to make a film based on my story. Those people have chosen my story from the front and this is how my dream has come true. I was very satisfied with the amount I got while doing the contract. However, I was happier than the money that became the series from my story. The only thing that matters in my story is that Prateek Gandhi works. After this series, I have also received two or three offers from Mumbai.

How do you get the time to write so many stories?

Conditions were poor when my dad was in the ration shop. I have been reading magazines like Niranjan, Phulwadi, Champak, Chitralekha since I was in 4th standard. We had two teachers in fifth grade, they were bringing people to read novels. I was reading Harkishan Mehta's novel from the fifth standard. Reading Ashwini Bhatt and I have been reading continuously for 45 years. I have read many books in Gujarati, Hindi and English. I have been writing for the last five years. I have read a lot before. I used to walk nine km every day on vacation just to read a book.

Mukeshbhai had already decided that he would never send his story anywhere in front of him

How did a teacher become a writer instead of a doctor?

My hometown is Bhammaria village in Bhavnagar and I got my primary education here. He took secondary education in Manpur Institute. Aspired to be a doctor and also took admission in 11 sciences. However, at that time the situation was such that there was no tuition money. My father worked in rationing and that is why the mamlatdar there said that once you make your boy a teacher then he will learn what he has to learn. I did PTC by putting Science. The PTC result came and the very next day I got a government job. I got a job in Junagadh. I worked here for three years. Then he went to Bhavnagar. Then Gadda was gone. Right now I am in Bhandaria Primary School. I have seen reading and society so closely. When I was younger I used to sit with the elderly. Have heard them. He also listened to people while sitting in the bus. I have heard a lot of people.

Mukesh Sojitra with the whole family

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Who is in the family?
As for my family, I live in a village with my wife and son, while my two brothers live in Surat. My mom and dad are also in Surat with my brothers.

વિઠલ તિડી નું ટ્રેલર અહીંથી જુઓ

ફિલ્મ આ એપ પર લાઈવ જોવા મળશે

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