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Thursday 6 May 2021

How to apply for Marriage Certificate in India: Your complete guide

How to apply for Marriage Certificate in India: Your complete guide

The documents and directions required to hold a wedding square measure as follows:

Form No. 5 and Form No. 1 (Marriage Registration Department / on-line type is available)
The Original copy of the School living certificate of the bride and groom.
The true copy of the bride and groom's election card and card.
Photograph of 2 passports size and wedding couple pic of each the bride and groom.
The example of Gour Maharaj, the Kankotari Original and Xerox copy.
The true copy of the election card and ration cards of Gorda Maharaj and each party witnesses.
To keep all the proof in 2 copies and therefore the bride and groom sign the proof.
To keep up with all the original certifications to show.
Filling the wedding form with a dark ball pen and a checker within the clerk ought to be insured.
Both the bride and groom ought to be gift at the time of wedding registration.
The fees for marriage registration are as follows:If the registration is finished at intervals one month from the date of wedding, the fee is Rs.5 / -.
If the registration is finished at intervals 3 months from the date of wedding, the fee is Rs. 15 / -.
If you register for a amount of 3 months from the date of wedding, the fee is Rs 25 / -.
● 2 agreements stamp of Rs.1100 + 100 on the form as well as Rs. Court stamps of Rs three / - ought to be obligatory.
● Forms for wedding registration are on the market freed from charge from the wedding registration registrar.
Registrar for marriage registration:
◆ Talati cum minister for village panchayat
◆ Municipal Chief Officer or Health Officer
◆ Municipal Medical Officer (Health)
◆ Notified Area Chief Executive Officer

Ways to register a marriage:

In order to register wedding, marriage parties have to prepare the list of nomination in the designated sample and the registration of the place where the marriage has been done within thirty days from the date of wedding is to lean within the 2 copies of the registration list. For wedding registration, the form number-5 and form number-1 will be filled. Two witnesses will have to sign in the form. Then the Registrar can check the shape and every one the proof you've got given and if you discover acceptable, issue a Marriage Certificate. You can get wedding registration certificate in each Gujarati and English languages.
Tatkal' wedding Certificate In Apr 2014, the Revenue Department of Delhi government introduced a 'tatkal' service guaranteeing a single-day authorisation of the wedding beneath that the registration method are undertaken on priority. The service, that became operational on Apr twenty two, 2014 permits voters to register their observance and acquire a certificate issued at intervals twenty four hours on payment of Rs. 10,000 as a fee.


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Advantages of marriage registration:This wedding registration proves to be blessed in some circumstances. To create a document like a wedding registration certificate for election card, license, support card, PAN card etc. are inevitable. The most necessary factor is that the sole proof of wedding support is additionally a wedding certificate. In addition to registering a reputation within the identity card, wedding certificate is important so as to create a passport, to require advantage of presidency schemes, to require advantage of pension within the job, and to numerous offices.

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