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Sunday 4 April 2021

Social Science TLM Collection Pdf Book download


Social Science TLM Collection Pdf Book download 


Social Science TLM Collection Pdf Book download karo

 Page્.- 267

 TLMs, charts, projects that can be created by children and teachers.

 Useful for every social science teacher

There can be evil in life, but life can never be bad.  Life is an opportunity to become superior, to excel, to achieve superior.  The rarity of life, no one can misuse life on the day someone will understand it.


  Life is a flower in which there are many thorns, but there is also no lack of beauty.  This is another thing, some people keep cursing thorns and some enjoy beauty.

  Life is called bad only by those who keep their eye on thorns instead of flowers.  Life is despised by those for whom it is worthless.

Everything can be found in life, but life cannot be found even after giving everything.  Do not despise life, but love it.  Instead of calling life bad, try to eradicate the evil of life, that is the wisdom.

A child was selling fruit barefoot in the afternoon.  People were bargaining.  A gentleman saw her feet;  Very sad.  He ran away, took the boot from a nearby shop and said - Son!  Put on the boot

The boy wore a quick boot, became very happy and held the man's hand and said - You are God.  That man did not panic and said no… .Beta!  I am not god

Then the boy said - Surely you will be a friend of God, because I had prayed to God last night that God, my feet burn a lot.  Give me a boot

The man went on smiling with water, but he knew that it is not difficult to be a friend of God.

Nature has made two paths

Gazette Notice of Recruitment Rules of Assistant Education Inspector

1) After passing the special competitive examination, the HTAT principal can get the promotion of M.K.N.

  Thus the promotion of HTAT to M.K.  Decided 

2) Any teacher who has 5 years of teaching experience, whether combined or combined (Government, Granted, Non-Granted, Teaching Temple, teaching experience is valid)  M.K. can be done by direct recruitment by giving the examination of

Thus, through direct recruitment of teachers, M.K.  Paved the way 

Promotion to HTAT principal and direct recruitment to teacher from M.K.N.  Will get the post of and the ratio (between promotion and direct recruitment) will be 1: 3 i.e. 3 posts from direct recruitment against 1 from promotion will be MK.  Will be filled. 

Experienced experts should point out if there is any mistake in the interpretation.

Teachers with five years of experience as primary or upper primary teachers in direct recruitment will be able to appear for the examination.



A ratio of :1: 3 will take 3 straight recruits against 1 promoted one.

The administrative cadre will count, so when you apply, you get a pay scale of 4200, then 4600 in 12 years and 5400 in 24 years

Social Science TLM Collection Pdf Book download 

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