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Wednesday 21 April 2021

Vacation news and DA News


Vacation news and DA News

New Delhi: The central government has announced a reshuffle due to the Korota epidemic.  There will be a big increase.  The government has given big news to central employees, noting from July 1 that the DA of the corona virus could rise to 5 per cent.  With the outbreak of the epidemic on July 1, the government had imposed a price hike on more than 3 lakh central employees at DA.  Additional allowance in DA will be paid along with DA).  According to the DRDearness Relief of All India Consumer Employees as well as the Central Government's Retirement Price Index, at least four per cent of the inflation allowance will be resumed between January and June 2021.  May increase.  It is to be noted that after the DA resume, PF and gratuity will also change. The DA of central employees may increase from 15% to 5% in the salaries of central government employees.  It will have a three-DA increase in DA from January to June 2020, as well as an increase in the monthly PF, Grey's percentage, and four T-contributions from July to December 2020.  Includes PF and percentage increase and calculation of four gratuity contributions from January to June 2021 as basic salary percentage increase.  Plus is done on the basis of DA only.

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