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Friday 30 April 2021

Enter your area's pincode number and check at your nearest Vaccine Center

Enter your area's pincode number and check at your nearest Vaccine Center

Enter your area's pincode number and check at your nearest Vaccine Center

Follow these steps to get the information of the nearest vaccination center through WhatsApp • First save +919013151515 in your phone. • Now go to WhatsApp chat and type Namaste, hello or hi. The chatbot will then respond. The chatbot will ask for your 6 digit pincode. Type it and press Enter. ર After entering, you will get the information of your nearest vaccination center. It will contain information on government and private vaccination centers. • Also know how many slots are vacant for which edge group. ટ Chatbot will also send you a registration link to book an appointment. If you do not want to save the number in WhatsApp to get information through chatbot then This website can connect with due direct chatbot. In this chatbot with the vaccination center, updates, information including professional advice to increase immunity, measures to reduce the risk of corona virus can be obtained.



Enter your area's pincode number and check at your nearest Vaccine Center.

 It will also show information on how many slots are vacant at which center on which date.

 Information of new feature launched on whatsapp by the government

Apeksha Mardiya, who is studying in the second year of MBBS at Government Medical College, Rajkot, was assigned to Kovid Hospital at Samaras Hostel, run by the Gujarat government.  As a medical college student, tasks such as administering medicine to a patient, measuring oxygen, observing patients, helping a patient shift, etc. were assigned to the expectation.

The central government has introduced an app named CoWIN. IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad called for strengthening the CoWIN system on December 23, 2020. This will be a digital platform for the roll-out of the vaccine. Let's know about the CoWin app.

The Drug Control General of India (DCGI) has approved two vaccines of Covid-19. Serum Institute of India and Bharat are ready to supply biotech vaccines for the first phase. These will be given first to the frontline workers and then to those above 50 years of age. After this, the central government has introduced an app named CoWIN.

Covid 19 Karmchari ne mrutyu Sahay mate 25 Lakh sahay maate nu check list.

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કોવિડ સહાય નું ચેકલિસ્ટ અહીંથી મેળવો

IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad called for strengthening the CoWIN system on December 23, 2020. This will be a digital platform for the roll-out of the vaccine. Prasad had also announced cash prizes of Rs 40 lakh and Rs 20 lakh respectively for Top to Contestant. Let's know about the CoWin app..

What is the CO-WIN app and how does it work?

What is the CO-WIN app?

CoWIN (Covid-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network) is an upgraded version of eVIN (Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network). Once the application is completed, it will be available for free on Play Store and App Store. The Ministry of Health has clarified that corona vaccination will take place in 3 phases. The vaccine will be given to frontline professionals in the first phase, people involved in emergency services in the second phase and people with serious conditions in the third phase.

The CoWIN application is a cloud-based management system for corona vaccination in India. This app will have a complete list of people who have received the vaccine from the Vaccination Center. If you also want to get the corona vaccine, you have to apply from the CO-WIN application. The CO-WIN application will have a complete tracking of the corona vaccination process. It will keep a complete record of vaccines administered in India.

Also, complete information on who, when, where and what vaccine was given will be available. Simply put, the CoWIN app will have a complete database of corona vaccinations in India. For your information, you can now download the CO-WIN app from the Google Play Store.

According to the report, the CO-WIN app will be launched for Android, iOS and KaiOS all. Nokia's 4G users and Geo phone users will also be able to download the CO-WIN app to their phones. Let's say that KaiOS is currently offered in 4G feature phones. Registration can be done through Aadhaar card, driving license and PAN card etc. in CO-WIN app. The Android version is live.

The Co-WIN application has five modules

5 modules of the CO-WIN app

From this app the vaccination process will work on a platform for administrative activities, vaccination personnel and all those who are about to be vaccinated. It includes Administrative Module, Registration Module, Vaccination Module, Beneficiary Acceptance Module and Report Module.

Administrative Module: The people who will manage the vaccination event. They will determine the session through this module. It will provide information to vaccinators and providers through notifications.

Registration Module: This module is for those who have registered in the vaccination program.

Vaccination module: will verify the information of people who have registered for vaccination and will also provide status update.

Beneficiary Acceptance Module: It will send a message to the recipients of the vaccine. It will also generate a QR code and people will also get an e-certificate of the vaccine.

Report Module: The report of the vaccination program will be prepared through it. Such as how many vaccination sessions were held, how many people got vaccinated, how many people registered but did not get vaccinated etc.

The Co-WIN app has five modules, including an administrative module, a second registration module, a third vaccination module, a fourth beneficiary acceptance module and a fifth report module, according to the health ministry. The first of these modules is an administrative module, in which a session for the vaccine will be scheduled and a notification will be sent to the vaccinators and administrators.

In the registration module you will be able to manually register for the vaccine. For this module, an organization will be able to register in bulk those people who need the vaccine. The Benefit Acceptance module will provide a certificate of vaccination based on the QR code.

The process of corona vaccination

1. Registration on Co-WIN app / website

2. You will get a message with location and date

3. Go to the vaccine center and show the message

4. Identity card will be verified

5. Verification on Co-WIN app via OTP

6. Vaccines will be given and data will be uploaded

7. Message will be received for the second dose of vaccine

8. Stay at the center for 30 minutes to check for side effects


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