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Monday 19 April 2021





The Gujarat government came in tenth and it was more necessary to protect the lives of the children by giving big relief to the students and parents by avoiding the board exams. Became the most. The first is that the guardians | Showed. Among them were Dhorna in the center bar. Gujarat | Such a situation is impossible because of Corina. How many homes have expressed. According to him, students will not return to the 12th standard examinations The teaching session in the schools also ended With this decision of the government at the risk of the lives of their children, even in the state board exams, there will be up to 15 lakh links. Mission can do 90% under Antyodaya and by avoiding this in one year students and not and many schools, colleges | Did not want to put. Students relieved governments. Central | More students were to sit. No, but whether the students have education facilities or not, the number of village families can be doubled in less than 3 hours, the parents have been given a big relief, and the Gujarat government has followed the board to postpone the final examination of the university. Exams must start in May. Without doing so online education gets less time electricity and even the Central Board for poor families in particular could not hold the exams in the previous ten. | Campaign on social media | The tenth of the Gujarat Board was supposed to happen, but experts said that when the lockdown took place in May last year, the issuance of the decree is the highest possibility for 12% of the households. And if the twelfth exams are true, then last year's Corinna | Were running. Millions of twelfth standard exams but also the second wave of Corona in a month was also a pattern of clumsy administration online to students. | The amount of time electricity is available. Backward class, tribals and have decided to avoid, education after arrival | The students decided to postpone the signature campaign. Predicted to be extreme | Claims to provide education closed in lockdown | The concept of online learning | The second wave of corona in the Muslim communities caused the system to derail Was run. Oppositions have also expressed the exam after this decision of the government and were in the month of May according to which in the cities | Is new to India started because of schools and its | The situation of students dropping out of school has worsened Is, the largest of the Corona | Were seeking to avoid. The parents breathed a sigh of relief The introduction of online education to register three lakh cases every day has started in online education for many poor students There are suspicions. Then board exams postponed | The challenge was that the tenth and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a possibility. In that position | But in the villages the students did not even take interest. Having access to the internet was the main demand for many of these children. Twelfth standard exams how | Exam discussion with students Corona's new variant J | Prime Minister Narendra Modi was skeptical of the idea of ​​online education for successful examinations, whether it was child labor or child marriage. It is difficult to cancel the exam. Such questions can be confusing. There were also online exams to determine how many students had to drop out of school for girls, especially before high-ranking officials in the education department were infecting children. Given that the board exams were to be held in the month of May, is avoiding the exams a feature of online education? Danger and child marriage and the next day the Gujarat government too but experts demanded a second term of Corona in May. Central recently reported that the risk of violence is the highest. The wave of postponement of board exams is expected to be at an extreme level. The board exams have been postponed for the first time in 10th standard and in the month of May, in case of 3 lakh daily work, India's place in the world is to get promotion without giving standard examination to standard students or students. Ore is bad. Cities have also been taken. Parents will play a big role. There was no doubt that this pleasant success was held for the students and this has become necessary due to the Koro epidemic between the rural areas. Because of Corona and also on other options | The economic loss of distance online education has been huge. Last year, the results of 1.5 lakh tenth standard were considered all over the country, but it became a big hurdle in that regard. Had also done but | Government to implement measures based on CBSE criteria Is. The second wave of corona of primary and secondary schools continues The situation was so delicate that there is no public capacity for internal assessment and even preparation is a matter of internet speed and matter in some affluent schools. About 25 million children became financially sound and in every part of the country Will be prime minister and education minister. However the exam is not canceled. To cancel the exam Virtual education is facilitated and due to lack of resources online a few times ago | Parents happen to their children. After opening the lockdown, a few viruses again became black care of Rameshchandra Nishank Pokhriyal, who had no choice but to work hard. Many students also benefited from it, which had a detrimental effect on education. Oxfam's report on home education system is prematurely secondary and shocking to students who want to attend the meeting again. Board exams are avoided. But according to rural experts who have done perhaps a third of the country after the Coronation period but economically for higher secondary standards | The question of holding an examination arises The tenth standard of the Central Board will require disappointment. In such and other standard schools, like commuter and teachers or building for education The students never returned to the school for the weak and the children opened the school which was closed again. Thus to cancel the CBSE Board Examination and in the 12th Central Board Examination My promotion to the students has been nothing but sending the school to express apprehension that they will not be able to travel where there are no basic facilities of electricity besides internet. About 6 lakh students were ready to hold the standard examination from May 6 There are also problems with this given. There was talk of online education. Not an option. Seeing that last year in the country Corona | But corona daily in the country | The decision was made. Were to sit. In which the students are economically backward among the care of 3 lakh corona. Too long according to many experts With the onslaught of students in the Corona era as well as the number of March cases reaching two lakh, many states have already given relief to students of 10th standard and parents.

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