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Friday 8 January 2021

Class 7 NCERT learning book and offline solutions for all student

Class 7 NCERT learning book and offline solutions for all student

Get all Class 7 NCERT books for English medium students and Hindi medium students.

Books covered in Class 7 NCERT Solutions are -

Math book
1. Mathematics NCERT 7th
2. Example of Mathematics English 7th

Science Book
1. Science NCERT 7th
2. The problem of science example 7th

English Book:
1.Hankomb 7th
2.An Alien Hand on the 7th

Social studies book
1. Social and political life 7th
2. Our Paste-II 7th
3. Our environment 7th..

Hindi book:
1 .Spring 7th
2. Durva 7th
3. Mahabharata 7th

The books in this application are very helpful for exam preparation in:
- School exams and tests
- CBSE Board and All State Board Examinations
- Doing homework on all subjects

Benefits for students and parents
Learning at any time: Students can improve lessons at home at their own pace and time with the help of audio dio-visual digital content.

Repeat Exercises: Students can strengthen their study with self-study exercises.
Online quiz: Students can improve their understanding of the lesson by trying self-assessment quizzes and teacher-created tests

Automatic bookmarks: Automatic bookmarks for each lesson allow students to resume lessons from their previous session.

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