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Monday 7 December 2020

VADH GHAT CAMP KHALI JAGAY LIST 2020 babat upyogi mahiti

What are you Ethical Code of Conduct (with a brief introduction to the Code of Conduct with the help of the National Council for Educational Research and Training, All India Teachers In order to be able and attain a dignified status, two terms and privileges have been given about the Professional Rights and the Code of Conduct) given to them by Ashociation) and by the educator Jay.

The existence, acceptance and application of the Professional Ideal Ethical Code of Conduct are mainly divided into five types. That is, the implementation of teachers' moral duties towards students in and out of school are the basic characteristics of any profession, because their responsibilities are their inter-personal relationships; Their code of conduct makes the business self-regulatory and self-governing working style and with the officers for the development of the organization.

Such a Code of Conduct provides for the protection of individuals against any kind of unfair or unjust treatment in respect of the dignity of the person who is associated with the profession of the teacher. Not only that but the ethical conduct of the business concerned and their commitment to enrich the moral as well as intellectual life of the community / society and the nation.

The discipline of adhering strictly to principles and norms also arises in them, the business ethics code of conduct is based on two main points for reviewing the draft code of conduct. (1) Active participation in various workshops organized by professional devotion and (2) Ideal of social service.

I am grateful to the All India Federation of Teachers and Distinguished Educators for taking this opportunity. Education National Education Policy, 1986 suggests that national level associations of teachers, head of the Department of Training and Extension for Teachers, Prof. G. L . Arora and his partner Dr. (Mrs.) R. That. Rice efforts can develop and ensure compliance with business ethics.

I also applaud the aforementioned policy recommendations, which in the context of this whole process, not only conducted various national level operations during a workshop but also contributed important facilitation - faculty representatives and distinguished teacher - leaders. It is hoped that this Code of Conduct, with the help of teachers, will be instrumental in setting the standard of operation and conduct of the Teacher-Professional Ethical Code of Conduct. Was drafted. The National Council for Educational Research and Training designated them for other professions.

That. Sharma provided the required May 7, 1997 New Delhi National Educational Research and Materials, including the Code of Ethics conducted by the Director. Copies of the draft were widely distributed to make the Code of Conduct a better training conference, and relevant survey comments and ethical code of conduct suggestions for teachers were obtained. The draft code of conduct was amended to ensure the dignity and integrity of the teacher's profession based on the suggestions received from various institutions.

The need to further elevate the status of this profession is finally felt everywhere in the National Institute of Education (NRE), New Delhi. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the teachers 'community to prepare a code of conduct for national level teachers' associations and reputable guidance on their own campuses. Apparently held between March 12-13, 1996. A review of this Code of Conduct in a workshop was conducted to finalize the five main types of teacher's occupation or work. This covers improved activities. What should be the teacher's behavior and conduct when doing any of these activities?





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