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Saturday 12 December 2020

School wall Amazing Painting Pdf

School wall Amazing Painting Pdf

1.3 Importance of research Any study is of paramount importance. The purpose of research is to find a solution to the problem that has arisen for the researcher. This work is done with the expectation that the research presented will ultimately yield useful results for the development of education, society and life. The importance of any research is determined by whether it is useful to know something new or not. Through this research, Gandhiji's thoughts, suggestions, opinions are conveyed to the people. The spread of Gandhian story is very necessary to change the condition of the people in the world or country at present and to develop the people.

Through Gandhikatha, as a successful person, he will be able to uplift his leading personality in the society. In addition, this research is necessary to bring awareness in the society. Apart from that, this story is very useful for empowering and strengthening the society as well as for making non-violence, discretion, love, patriotism, self-confident, honest. This kind of society and nation building work will be done only when such a story is understood through education and its educational results are conveyed to the society.

Narayan Desai shapes life for the development of life through the so-called Gandhi story. Puts thought-enhancing considerations at the center. This development is not an aspect of life but an all-round development of life. This research is based on a Gandhian story written by Narayan Desai on how to fight against the evils that are growing in the society, family or the world without any individual. What matters is the intensity, depth and insight that people use in their story.

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