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Thursday 3 December 2020

Income tax refunds have started coming. You can the check in this link.

Income tax refunds have started coming. You can the check in this link.




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Will the government give the guideline for Uttarayan or should I give it?
Let me give it to you.
1: No more than four people should fly a kite on one step.
4: Don't give or take to spin, stand will be given by the government.
5: You will get only one stand per house.
3: Do not break the rope by mouth.
3: If the kite comes after cutting, do not rob, and if you have to rob, wear a PPE kit and rob.
4: Keep snack bottles like Chikki, Mamra's Laddu with extracts this time instead of water and alcohol.
3: Pay special attention to the birds. However, the message will come from the sectarian people.
૮: and especially important:
If another kite is flying in the sky, a distance of six feet is required between your kite and that kite.

Nothing in life is as dangerous as being in a state of confusion and disarray. The man himself does his harm by remaining indecisive. The person also fails because of not taking the right decision at the right time.

Isn't it more important what people think of you? What is important is what do you think about yourself? Do not think negatively about yourself for a moment and do not let despair dominate you.

3 things are necessary to be successful. Take the right decisions, take bold decisions and take the right time. In order to move forward, the ultimate limits of effort are reached!

Income tax refunds have started coming. You can check in this link.

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