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Thursday 10 December 2020

GCERT Dɪɢɪᴛᴀʟ Dᴇsᴋ login information

GCERT  Dɪɢɪᴛᴀʟ Dᴇsᴋ login information

Exchange-oriented capabilities which are capabilities related to general, subject wise, phased parameters. Abilities related to other educational activities: such as planning and arranging morning meetings etc. Teaching - Abilities related to teaching materials: such as preparation of specialized materials for teaching and learning, preparation of new educational technology, local resources, etc., their selection and use.

Evaluation related abilities: which include preparation of assessment tools, tests etc., their selection and use. Management abilities: which include matters such as management of class-continental school as well as community activities. Abilities to liaise with parents and to co-operate with them: including running parent-teacher activities etc.

Abilities to liaise with the community and edit its cooperation: This includes activities of common interest for the development of the organization as well as the community. All of these teacher-skills are to be developed first during pre-service teacher-training. Subsequent in-service teacher-training during training as well as an essential part of continuous and self-directed professional development is for teachers to make it progressively up-to-date and sophisticated through their own efforts, individually. Every teacher needs to be proficient in these professional skills. However, it has been found that such expertise alone does not make education effective.

This problem is found not only in India but in many other countries of the world. Acquiring professional competence or skills alone does not make teachers' teaching work effective. One reason for this is that the actual performance of a trained teacher in the classroom or school depends equally on his or her commitment to dedicated teaching. It is this factor of commitment that plays a crucial role in effective teacher training. In fact, successful teachers are drawn to one or more of the characteristics of a teacher's commitment. In the same way many educators and writers have made different statements about the different characteristics and commitment of true teachers.

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Thus, only well-trained and effective teachers are those who have professional skills and commitment. Therefore, the effort to inculcate professional commitment in teachers should be an integral part of pre-service as well as in-service teacher training. Five types of commitments have been made to fulfill this objective. Which will be an integral and essential part of the curriculum for teacher training: (1) Commitment to the student: i.e. love for the student, readiness to help him and zeal for his overall development etc.

Commitment to society: such as awareness and concern about the progress of family, society and country and the impact of teacher's work on their development (3) Commitment to the profession means internal acceptance of the teacher's role and responsibilities regardless of the circumstances under which the teacher's job is accepted. (4) Commitment to excellence: That is, to do anything in the classroom, at school, and in the community as carefully as possible and with the spirit of "do what is right."

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