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Sunday 13 December 2020

Download Incomitax Excel file and open it in computer.

Income tax assessment for the year 2020-21

Download Incomitax Excel file and open it in computer.

Systematic step-by-step understanding of the notable slaughter-reduction camp * Friends, the change camp will be held on 26/10/2020 according to the change amendment rules of the current year.

Pay Camp Internal Camp Matter 

A. Schools with less than 20 in Std-6 and a combination of Std-6 and 7 with less than 20 will merge into nearby schools

B. The children of Std-6 and 7 go to the school where the children go to the upper primary section so the seniority of the additional teacher accompanying the children is not eligible to be counted in the merged school so that the teacher of the merged school will be considered killed.



C. The right of the first mother school will be given to the teacher who goes to the salary center in the internal camp of the salary center. Even if a teacher who has been killed earlier has a maternity leave in another pay center from the pay center, it is not available. But if the camp of the pay center is completed and the camp of the whole taluka starts and there is a vacancy in his own school in the pay center, then the teacher who has gone out of the pay center is entitled to the mother school.

D. After giving the right to the mother school, the teachers of the primary department of their own pay center will be given the right to choose the vacancies of the primary department. Thereafter, if the vacancies in the primary department do not remain vacant, then the teachers of the primary department in the vacancies of the upper primary will be ordered to be promoted in the upper primary department. The teachers who get such an order will also be called back to the massacre camp in the establishment of August 2021 as a teacher. If these teachers graduate and offer an option in April-2021, they will be able to go to the upper primary as a subject teacher in the option camp to go to the upper primary based on the vacancy in their mother school.

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