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Tuesday 24 November 2020

Trick of payment transfer in WhatsApp

Trick of payment transfer in WhatsApp

First you have to go to Google Play or Apple App Store and update WhatsApp

You will have to submit your bank details in the app to receive money

Millions of users use WhatsApp to stay connected with their friends and family. This number has increased in the Corona period. The company has recently added a number of new features. It includes many features including 8 members for video / audio calling, forward message limit. The recently launched payment feature has been the subject of special discussion.

WhatsApp has now officially launched its most awaited payment feature in India. It uses the country's UPI (Unified Payments Interface) framework to send and receive payments. We have prepared a complete guide here, which allows you to quickly set up WhatsApp Payments and send money using the platform. Follow these steps for it

Setup of WhatsApp payment feature

Step 1: First go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and update WhatsApp.
Step 2: Now open WhatsApp in the phone and go to settings.
Step 3: Now scroll down and click on the payment option.

Step 4: Now the list of banks will appear on the screen. Select your bank in the list and submit the bank details.

Step 5: After this process your bank account details will be successfully connected to the app.

Send money this way on the WhatsApp payment feature

Step 1: Your bank account details have been successfully added. Now you can send and receive money.

Step 2: Open the chat of the contact you want to send money to.

Step 3: Open the payment option.

Step 4: Select the bank from which the money is to be transferred.

Step 5: Submit the amount and submit the UPI PIN to complete the transaction.

ગુજરાતીમાં સ્ટેપવાઇઝ માહિતી અહિંથી વાંચો

Receive money through WhatsApp payment feature

Money can be received in the same way that there are steps to send money. For this, make sure that the bank account is connected with the app as per the steps shown above. First update the WhatsApp app> go to settings> click on payment option> select bank name> link bank account. You can now receive money from your WhatsApp contacts.

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