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Tuesday 17 November 2020

Today's latest circular for Nishtha taleem for primary teachers.

Today's latest circular for Nishtha taleem for primary teachers.

Congratulations to more than 90 per cent teachers from all the districts for joining the 1st to 12th courses of Nistha on Diksha online training started by GCERT from 5th October. The above reference was directed to engage teachers in Nistha On Diksha online course.

Module No. starting from 21/11/2020. From 13th to 18th, as many teachers as possible join and complete the Nishtha On Diksha online course successfully, so it is recommended to do it intensively from your level.

Important Circular

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Nishtha Important representation of the Teachers Union regarding the matter of training

Currently, online education is being provided due to children not coming to school due to the epidemic of Kovid 19. Other activities related to education have also been done online. From 5/10/2020 to 11/11/2020, teachers are to be given loyalty training online by reading the module from 8-30 to 10-30 in the morning, then watching the Byseg broadcast and then writing the exercise. Apart from this virtual classes are also to be taken, so teachers can take systematic training if NISHTHA teacher training is given through DIET in two phases when the school becomes regular.
And maintain its effectiveness,

In addition, for loyalty teacher training, it is a matter of 100% staff attending and training in the school. In this regard, we suggest that since this training is to be conducted online, the teachers who come to the school in rotation are requested to take the training at home and at home. The present important matters are to teach the children. In view of the priority given by the Microsoft team in the school to virtual classes so that teachers can run the curriculum and teach the children, the above instructions for initiation training for teachers are requested.


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