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Friday 13 November 2020

The Union Education Ministry has issued guidelines related to opening of schools across the country after 15 October

 The Union Education Ministry has issued guidelines related to opening of schools across the country after 15 October.  After the lockdown to prevent the increasing infection of coronaviruses across the country, now the unlocking phase is going on.  Unlock 5 is currently running in October.

 This guideline issued by the Ministry of Education of the Central Government has been issued after consultation with the Department of School Education.  According to this guideline, schools and coaching institutes can be opened in a phased manner after October 15.  However, in the guidelines, it has been said that the decision to open schools and coaching institutes depends on the state government and the union territories.

 Students coming to school have to get written permission from their parents.  There will be flexibility regarding the presence of students in the school.  Students will not be able to put pressure on school attendance.  Students will be given the option to class online.

 In view of the danger of corona virus infection, the ministry has also given some instructions, including cleaning and sanitization of the entire school premises.  States have been asked to create SOPs for health and safety based on their local status.

 The Ministry of Education recommends that schools adopt liberal arrangements for attendance and leave.  Instead of coming to school, students can also do online classes.  The Ministry of Education has said that there will be no assessment in the first 2-3 weeks of school opening.

 Now it is up to the states whether they decide to open the school from October 15 or not.  Schools have been closed since  across the country.  Some states have opened schools from September 21 to classes 9-12 under Unlock-4.

 What is special about the guidelines given for opening a school?

 The schools will have to clean and sanitize the entire campus, furniture, equipment, stationery, storage, water tank, kitchen, washroom, lab, library, etc.

 Adequate availability of air at indoor locations must also be ensured.

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 The Ministry of Education has suggested to the State Governments to encourage schools to prepare their SOPs.

 Parents must be informed of any rules and it is necessary to show them in the school premises.

 Any school that opens will have to follow the standard operating procedure of the education departments of the state.

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