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Saturday 21 November 2020

The government is helping 50000 in road accidents regarding the scheme.

 The government is helping  50000 in road accidents regarding the scheme.

In metros also, the driver gets a maximum salary of Rs 15,000.  Truck drivers usually come from the lowest strata of society and they live in a remote village.  They also do not have money as savings.  If you expect compensation from the truck driver in the event of an accident then it would be an impractical step.

 Due to the delay in the judicial process, it is difficult to detect the driver beforehand.  For years after the accident, charging compensation from a driver will prove to be crooked.

 Similarly, if a vehicle owner is held responsible for an accident, it will also not be right.  There is also a legal complication in this.  The law does not discriminate between rich and poor.  Many people buy trucks to take jobs by taking loans.  There may also be a problem in giving such compensation to such people.

 In view of all these things, third party insurance should be made necessary for the vehicle in the law.  In the event of an accident, the victim should be compensated only by the premiums paid to the insurance companies.

 In the event of an accident from a vehicle, the step of getting compensation from the driver / owner to the victim is not correct.  This fails the purpose of purchasing third party insurance cover.

 If a person buys third party insurance cover for his vehicle and then pays compensation out of his pocket in the event of an accident then why would he buy third party cover?

 There is no procedure to take compensation from the owner of the vehicle according to the victim.  This will lead to unnecessary litigation.

 If the owner / driver of the vehicle also dies in the event of an accident and any victim is also harmed in the accident, then the provision of giving a part to the victim out of compensation to the vehicle owner will also not be practical.

 Third party insurance cover should be made necessary for every vehicle and the accident victim should be compensated with this amount.

 It is not practical to ask the customer buying insurance to give compensation to the victim.  The compensation claim is usually made by the aggrieved person some time after the accident.  It takes a few years to hear the case in court.  On this occasion it is difficult to find the driver or owner of the vehicle.

 In some countries of the world, there is a provision of at least a specified amount of third party cover.  In most states of America, this amount is one lakh dollars.  The driver can buy a separate cover if he wants.

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If the driver wants to get a cover of half a million dollars, then he has to buy an insurance policy for the remaining four million dollars.  There is no limit to the amount of compensation in India till now.

 My opinion in this case is that if the owner / driver of the vehicle wants to buy the add-on cover for the compensation amount, such a system should be in place.

 Road accidents in the country are the highest in the world.  My opinion is that in the event of an accident the driver should be fined Rs 10,000 and in case of death of the victim Rs 25,000.

 The amount of the penalty on the owner of the vehicle should be doubled.  Similar penalty should be incurred in case of overloading of vehicle, not maintaining properly and driving on wrong license.

 If the victim goes to court to claim compensation, he has to spend a lot of time.  There is also no provision of no claim bonus in third party insurance cover for vehicles in the country.

 In the event of an accident, only a provision can be made on the driver / owner.  If for any reason the driver is unable to be found, then this fine should be collected from the vehicle owner.

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