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Monday 23 November 2020

News For Education Assistant Recruitment

News For Education Assistant Recruitment

Valabhipur spoke to such friends. At first, he did not want to deposit the money in his account. So it was suggested to form a trust. He trusts Rs. Named, ‘Manas Primary School Trust, Valabhipur. This was reported to the then Valabhipur taluka panchayat president Narsinghbhai Ghelda. They should do something to get even more donations. A native of Valabhipur.

Premjibhai Kanani, who did well in the diamond industry. Told him talking. "If Ajitbhai builds a school, I am ready to give one lakh. ‘This faith placed on a teacher has the fragrance of his work. As soon as I received a donation of two lakhs, my mind started spinning. One began to realize that an idea was getting the right shape. An investigation in Valabhipur Nagar Panchayat revealed that 2162 square feet of land had been reserved in the plot provided by Sonani.

Land was acquired by his resolution. And then made a plan for the building, and sought permission from the Bhavnagar District Panchayat Education Committee to start a school. The Bhavnagar District Education Committee said: “Let's give permission for the school, but what about the building? ”* That too will happen. "So you have a house?" "No ... but if approval is given, the house will also be found. "So let's go, but the responsibility of the house is yours. That means you have to bear whatever it costs, then rent it. Sell it, or get it in donation."

Ajit Singh Valabhipur spoke to Premjibhai Kanani. He said: Until the construction is completed, I will pay the rent. ”A house was also found near the place where the school building was to be built at a monthly bus fare of Rs. Bhumipujan of Manas Primary School was done. All the construction of Manas Primary School was completed by Ajit Singh under the supervision of Kadia-Dadia. Five rooms were masonry and money was missing.

341 persons donated at the rate of Rs. 1.111 / -. Pinakbhai met Gujarati and talked about constructing an office room. While he was thinking of fencing a barbed wire fence, he wrote a letter to his longtime friend in England, who had been his correspondent for a long time. He said a wall should be made rather than a fencing or barbed wire fence. So that the trees, the school building and the school grounds can be protected. For this he returned to Bristol and sent a contribution of Rs. 33,000 / - including his fifteen thousand, then his sister paid Rs. 15,000 / - sent.

His friend Kishorebhai Ramakrishna Shukla from Valabhipur, who lives in America, spent Rs. 15,000 / - sent. Donations were also received for water, electricity, educational equipment, horticultural equipment, toilets, bathrooms, furniture and fans. In this way six rooms were completed in a year and a half. In the meantime, they received suggestions and advice. ‘Where do you do this school in this area? What a backward area. If you do 'Dior' for the benefit of the school, no one even takes a ticket of ten rupees. There is no need for a school in this area. Ambadi does not adorn the garbage. 'If we teach this boy, he will be stunned. Some even tried to stop the donor from donating, saying: Don't waste money in the wrong place ... 'But this had no effect on Ajit Singh. All they had to do was get a nice, clean school building to educate the children of this backward area.

A house where their mind is happy ... that house they feel is their home. While the construction was going on, they went from house to house in the backward area and in the plot area. Listed children aged 6 to 14 years. He persuaded the parents not to send their children to school as the school was far away. About two hundred children were admitted to this new school, many of whom had never seen the school. When the school building was ready, the inauguration ceremony was held on 15-2-91 by Moraribapu, other saints, officials. The school started in a rented house for 25 children and now has 284 boys and 187 girls. 471 students are studying in Std. 1 to 5. There are 326 Bakshi Panchs and 26 Scheduled Castes. There are nine classes. The five rooms are used as class rooms. Four classes sit in the shade of overgrown trees. In early 1996, I thought of contacting a donor to build five new school rooms. Bhavnagar based.



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