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Saturday 21 November 2020

Interesting information about E-sim.


Interesting information about E-sim.

We all know that nowadays everything seems to be possible through digital medium.  In such a scenario, the telecom industry has also been digitized.  And now companies have started offering eSIM instead of normal SIM.  Which you can download and use directly on your smartphone.  You do not usually need a SIM because of the e-SIM.

 Companies like Xiao, Airtel and Vi (Vodafone Idea) are offering e-SIMs to customers.  The biggest advantage of e-SIM is that if you travel abroad, e-SIM can be purchased in minutes.  On the other hand if you have a physical SIM card, you have to go to the store and change the SIM, which will also waste time.

 Another advantage is that you are not afraid to lose it.  Because there is no need for a SIM tray.  So if we talk about its disadvantages, e-SIM is more expensive than a normal SIM card.  Apart from this there are some smartphones that support e-SIM.

 If you want to get an e-SIM from Vi's company, you have to subscribe to its postpaid plan.  So if you are already a postpaid user then you can convert your normal SIM to e-SIM.  It is to be mentioned that this service of Vi is currently available in Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, Maharashtra and Goa.

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 If we talk about Geo, the process of getting SIM of both Geo and Vi is the same.  You have to go to the company's store.  After this you have to fill the KYC form.  You will get an e-SIM.  However, you must have an e-SIM supported device for this.  So if you are an Airtel user and want to convert your normal SIM to e-SIM, you have to send an SMS to 121 for this.

 In SMS you have to type eSIM and space register email id.  After which you will receive an SMS.  You have to send 1 in 1 minute to confirm it.  After this, it has to be confirmed by voice call.  The registered QR code will be received on your registered email ID, which you will need to scan.  After two hours your e-SIM will be activated.

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