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Tuesday 17 November 2020

Government Declared Latest Jaherat By cm Rupani

 Government Declared Latest Jaherat By cm Rupani

17 November at

Earlier, the state constituted an expert committee comprising industry leaders, industry bodies and economic experts under the ex-bureaucrat to recommend measures to revive the economy of the state and the committee has submitted an interim report.

The whole package has recommended various relief assistance to individuals, small commercial units and industries, mega industries, welfare for labourers, and housing, agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries sectors.

According to official communication issued by Gujarat CMO, the state government has given relief assistance worth of Rs 2,300 crore to individuals, small commercial units and industries on property tax, electricity bill, service tax and motor vehicle tax.

A tune of Rs 3,038 crore is being allocated as capital and interest subsidy for the textile, mega and agro and food processing industries. Apart from that, Rs 458-crore relief was given to Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation for the promotion of industries.

The government will also give a total of Rs 466 crore as subsidies to vegetable vendors, migrant and construction workers as travel expenses, pregnancy assistance to their wives and subsidy to build their own homes.

For the revival of the housing sector, the state allocated Rs 1,000 crore for the assistance of 1.60 lakh houses under the affordable housing scheme.

The government allocated a tune of Rs 1,190 crore for agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing sectors as crop loan, annual financial assistance to farmers, assistance for Subhash Palekar natural farming, assistance to purchase light freight vehicles, assistance to build godowns, and assistance for procurement of fishing nets, fishing boats, and fish seeds.

A worth of Rs 5000 crore has been given for creating self-employment under Gujarat Aatma Nirbhar Sahay Yojana-2, wherein small traders, middle class individuals, labours and workers will get loans through cooperative banks and credit co-operative societies from Rs 1 lakh to a maximum of Rs 2.50 lakh.

The government cancelled 44 lakh ration cards | News :- The government has cancelled 43 lakh 90 thousands bogus and unrecorded ration cards of public distribution systems PDS. The government has taken this step so that the eligible beneficiaries can be given subsidized foodgrains on the basis on the national food security Act. Earlier in 2013, a large number of duplicate ration cards scams came to light.

◾️The government cancelled 44 lakh ration cards

◾️ Decision taken to give justice to right beneficiarie

◾️ Duplicate ration cards scams also came up in 2013

The official said the digitization of ration card has helped in making the public distribution system transferred and improved. "We also add new beneficiaries designated for each state and union territory at the time of removal of ineligible ration cards." He said.

◆Find out how many people will benefit from NFSA

About 81.35 crore people's benefit for NFSA. That is two thirds of country's population. About 800 million people currently received 5 kg of foodgrains per month under the prime minister's poor welfare food scheme. The government can expand the scheme. The scheme was launched in march 2020 to combat the corona epidemic.

◾️ cereals are available at very cheap price

To help businesses and life get back to normal, the CM has announced the package for relief in electricity bill, benefits in property and vehicle tax

The Gujarat government announced Rs 14,000 crore Atmanirbhar package for the State late on Thursday. Under the self-reliant scheme, relief in property tax, electricity bill and vehicle tax were announced. The loan amount has been increased from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh, with the beneficiary having to pay 4 per cent interest, while the government will bear the remaining 4 per cent interest.

Based on NFSA, "we distribute 42 million tonnes of foodgrains at subsidized rates. The official said," 2 rupees per kg for wheat and 3 rupees per kg of rice. On the basis of PMGKAY. 32 million tonnes of free foodgrains are distributed every month. The distribution is based on both these Schemes in corona.

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