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Saturday 28 November 2020

Get HSC SSC results online

 Get HSC SSC results online

The board examinations will take an initial look from the first date of March.  Many examinees feel restless just by thinking about the exam.  It is natural to create pressure when the examinations are on the head, but during regular study the student can reduce this pressure.

 Now the question arises that if the student has not been able to study for a whole year in this run-of-the-mill life, then the pressure on him becomes more powerful, but it does not mean that he will lose courage.  The worry of examination is always in the mind of the students, but they become more serious as soon as the month of January starts.

 The students of class 10th and 12th appear to face the biggest problem in this whole matter.  The reason is that the agility of age and lack of awareness about the future does not make them realize the time.  There is upheaval in my mind that I will be able to answer all the questions.  Will all the answers be correct?  If questions come from the one who left the syllabus?  It would have been fine if I had read a little more.  It would have been nice if we had got some more time for the exam.

1. Time Use: The smart way to use time is to make full use of your class time.  When teachers teach in class, many students do not pay attention to what is being taught to talk among themselves or to waste time here and there.  It is also an abuse of time.  When the teacher is teaching in the class, understand it carefully and ask immediately what is not understood.  Many students do not hesitate to ask the teachers if they do not understand something.

 2. Study according to the marks in the syllabus: Nowadays, before board examination, every board has been issuing blueprints for the convenience of the students.  It is also necessary to be careful that the questions available in the market must match the blueprint given on the banks once by opening the board's website and finally accept the blueprint of the board's website.  By doing this, the importance of the chapter and the time to study it can be divided appropriately.

 An unusable time of memorizing the big question of that chapter from which a question of only 2 marks is to be asked, can also lead to positive results.  Along with this, information will also be readily available about which unit to ask objective questions and which unit is reserved for big questions.  In this way, students will be able to give proper direction to their scheme as first rung

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 3. Time management during examinations: There is a set time for everything and work in life.  There is also a time for studies and writing.  The time is different when we study in school or college.  The time of student life has a different importance and charm.  This is the time when only one thing is important in front of human beings and that is their education.  Once this life passes, the same time does not come again.  That is why it is said that 'Student life is the golden time of life.  It should not be lost in vain. '

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