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Tuesday 24 November 2020

First Aide for Teachers and Students (FAST)The latest circular on how to use the application


First Aide for Teachers and Students (FAST)The latest circular on how to use the application

The arrival of Android in the mobile industry has led to a flood of mobile apps.  Currently there are more than 5 lakh apps in the Google Play Store.  Today you will get at least one app related to every aspect of our life.  Mobile phones are most commonly used by young people, often students.




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In modern era every student going to school / college has a mobile or tablet.  But trouble starts when they use these tools only for entertainment.  There are many apps on the Google Play Store that are useful for students.  They have now made even the toughest tasks easier.  We have told about some such apps here that every student should download.  All this app is available for free.


 A pen drive or hard disk is usually used to store a project, document, presentation, or book created in a computer.  But sometimes their capacity is reduced.  Every student must have lost their pen drive at some time!  So to avoid all these troubles, this app is perfectly suitable for storing your data safely for a long time.  In this, after storing the data, you can download it anywhere via internet.  It is necessary to have only one GMAIL account to use it.  In the beginning, you get 15 GB of free storage space for free.

 2- Ridlr

 Is your school or college far away from home and you use trains and buses everyday?  If yes, then this app will prove to be extremely useful for you.  With this app you can learn about the current conditions of bus, metro and train.  If a bus or train has canceled, then you will be able to see this information immediately on this app.


 Whether you are in school or in college - this app is useful for students of all ages.  The latest information about the government jobs of every sector is given on this app.  Apart from this, you can read about the prevailing conditions and news in India and other countries of the world.  Useful articles for students are provided in its blog section.  The more good thing is that you can read here in both Hindi and English languages.


 Completing the project on time is a challenge for every student.  In the absence of proper planning, students are unable to finish their work on time.  If you are also troubled by this problem, then you should use Trello.  Through this app, many people can work together on a project.  Basically, this app gives you a means to organize better.  Each task can be assigned to any person by transferring it to a board or list.


 Have you ever felt that you are in a hurry but you also have to take a copy of the chapter of a book.  It is not necessary that you have scanner or xerox available every time.  But with the help of this app, you can easily scan any document from the phone's camera.  This app has many features that make the scan quality the same as a professional scanner.  With its help, you can also convert the image into PDF immediately.

 6-Titanium Recorder

 Making notes in a notebook is now an old thing.  With the help of this app you can record the lecture in your mobile.  Later when you want to revisit, then you can listen to the entire lecture leisurely.  With this app, you will be focused on lecture, not in writing notes!

 7- Mathway

 Mathematics is a difficult subject.  But technology has made math calculations easier.  In this app you can ask the most difficult math questions.  Mathway will immediately provide a solution step by step!  If you have to calculate the algebra question given in a book?  So just take a photo of it.  This app will resolve it in seconds.

 8- ToshI

 Many times pocket money runs out very quickly and we do not even know where the money was spent!  But this app can keep track of all your expenses.  You can share the expenses in different departments in this app.


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