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Friday 27 November 2020



Classes of 8th and 9th standard of 9 schools of Porbandar district with less than 50 students were merged. Porbandar! Will remain. In this regard, the District Education Officer or Std. 9 and D Kansagara in Porbandar district said that two teachers have to be stopped in the classes of 6 schools which have less number of students than 20 in the classes of 20 to 5 so that the classes have been merged. However the burden on the government also increases. Some of the merged schools are in the range of 5 km against the merger and the political leaders who have protested and merged with the school have demanded reconsideration from the new semester. The standard 5 course will also be started in these merged schools so that the students do not have to move away. This decision of 14 schools of Porbandar taluka, Ranavav or the government has included 4 schools of district taluka and 3 schools of Kutiana taluka chairman of executive committee. However, in all these Manjuben Karavadra and taluka schools, the education of protest standard has been started as per the routine by the former president of standard 1 to 8 panchayat. Political leaders protested against the merger

Academic work started online by SP University પગલે For the fourth semester of PG, the semester examination of the university has been postponed for the time being due to the increasing transition to Corana and 4,6 at the undergraduate level. In order to start university-run post-graduate departments, academic work has been started online in the departments and university affiliated Navgujarat Samay> Anand College. In which Sardar Patel, a graduate from Vallabhavidyanagar and the first semester of the postgraduate level semester examination is being conducted online by the university, the fourth semester at the postgraduate level has been postponed due to increasing transition of corona. Now the university and the undergraduate level fourth and sixth postgraduate departments and the academic work of the semester has been told to start further in the online university affiliated college. So that the semester course has been started online and the students' course has been circulated in a timely manner. With the completion of the prescribed time frame as well as the internal examination which can be held at that time. S.P. Given the situation, the online university will be next to the affiliated college and the graduate department to be organized in post or offline mode. The academic work of the semester has been started online and the Vice Chancellor of the University has been made, so that the time can be completed, said Dr. Shirish Kulkarni.

Ahmedabad: GSHSEB students who came to GSHSEB were able to get 9 marks out of 30 marks in the SSC examination this year. The names of about 15,500 students, some of whom got 9 marks out of 30, have been singled out. A large number of children’s marks have a ground difference in the face of this kind of inequality in the board exam performance. The students were forced to perform very well in the internal examination of the school's state board of education. So the result of their board examination given by the school is irregular in the weak internal marking system. If 21 grading marks are required, the possibilities can be checked. Discussion of students such as SSC - Consideration Board The attention of the Board during this period was of internal marking to such education officers. These students have been ordered to submit 30 marks out of 50 in the report internal mark soon after conducting the assessment given by the school.

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