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Friday 13 November 2020

Crc, Brc, urc Final date for examinations And the list of district candidates

 Crc, Brc, urc Final date for examinations And the list of district candidates

The Right of Gujarat School Education Council is the right to education, State Project Office, Sector-17, Gandhinagar SEV FIXE Campaign Phone Number: (079) 23234939 hundred, SA: SsamStatett 9/11/20 per district project co - Ordinator and AD, District Project Ko - Ordinator and District Primary Education Officer, Reason for the Reason, District Project Office, the whole teacher, the primary education committee, all Ahmedabad, Surat, Reference: (1) The letter of this office is not to do / macraph / 2017 / 3748-3787 Ta .2.2.2017 (2) The letter of this office does not do anything / BUC. Recruitment / 17/9056-9105 To let us know about the topic of the topic, under the entire penalty, the BRC / URC and CRC's vacancies to fill the vacancies from the government primary school teachers In which BRC / URC Co. For 1138 and CRC Co. There are 1719 requests for the same.
BRC / URC and CRC Fill vacancies and for the vacancies for vacancies for vacancies for vacuum, for the candidate of the Online application for the USA, according to the Norms of the letter of 2.2.17, according to the Norms of 100 marks oriented OMR Base In the context of this examination, the required qualification of this requirement, application / guide was placed on the application / guide website of the required qualification, recruitment terms and conditions. In which the contents of the examination were provided information. According to which this is the examiner, who would report. Other instructions will be given now in terms of the haultype download and exam in this examination. It will also be placed on the website of the SSA and the State Examination Board. This information requests to do the teacher's friends under your subordinate.

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Secretary and IC KUEM SPO , SSA Gandhinagar Imitation Minimization: • Man.Shardry, (Pvt. Copy Savida: • Manager, State Board, Sector-21, Gandhinagar 2) to follow the guideline instruction of the entire examination of the EXCEIPT.

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