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Thursday 26 November 2020



Due to the situation of Corona, the situation in the state has changed. Due to the possibility that the transition of teachers may increase, the transition may increase. The director was changed on 30-11-20. Corona's explosive situation caused the camp to fluctuate enough to take into account some suggestions regarding the camp. According to the Director of Primary Education, Gujarat State Teachers' Union, on the 8th, millions of teachers in the state were planned to postpone and on the 24th, a transfer camp was organized. Fluctuations are being made all over the state by the Gujarat State Primary Teachers' Union on behalf of the campo. Some suggestions were also made. Requested. At the same time, if the corona's guidelines are violated, the camp is conducted by a teacher from a school to the school inspector, and the corona transition is likely to take place at the command and control camp. Is likely to grow. The demand has been made to keep the camp closed or for some reason to be closed at Camp Dabhan in Long Kheda district if the teachers' union is on leave for some time. Which has been done by the district in this regard. Instructing not to give more in Kheda district as well, the current primary education officer Kamlesh Patel was asked about the serious condition of the corona virus to be held at Dabhan CRC, he said, this is the camp. Due to the possibility of this transition, the fluctuating campo is currently being adequately instructed by the state government. Request to be postponed has come on 7-11. So that more information about these camps can be seen on the 20th in Patan, Aravalli district. Camps across the state as per this instruction, Dt. 12- Even where camps are held, more are to be organized. But further the changes from the letter of instruction 11-20 dated. Action will be taken according to the corona transition as the teachers gather. There is a lot of danger between 9-11-30 and 20-11-30. But it has been instructed to do it at Dabhan on 23rd and 4th. Earlier, a verbal presentation on this matter will also be held at the camp.


In the first round 7075 seats of MBA and 3530 seats of MCA became vacant, fees have to be paid by 27th 2498 students in MBA and 1171 students in MCA have been admitted, second round will be started after 27th for 10 thousand vacant seats Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad MBA - MCA Out of a total of 18.2 seats, 3 seats in the first round Proceedings are underway for allotment of admission to students in MBA-MCA colleges of the state. Importantly, the college has not been allotted even half of the seats that could be filled today based on the total choice given. Is one of those who have been admitted. Importantly, not as many students will get admission as at the end of the round. That seat will also fall vacant in the first round. Thus, 20 seats are vacant in MBA. In the first round, the number of seats for admission is expected to increase to more than 6,000. Members of the admissions committee have been allotted, they had to pay a fee. According to Choice Filling today, the official announcement has been made for the round of allotment of colleges on the basis of giving a deadline of 9th for the next 9th. This deadline is followed by another. A total of 6 seats will be held in MBA. At present, out of the commencement of proceedings for the round given by CMAT, action will be taken only for the students in 3 seats. Admission is coming to a standstill, but in the coming days, a total of 12,208 MBA seats in the state have fallen vacant. Students who have 4 seats available in the college when this seat becomes vacant today. In the same way, out of 201 seats in MCA, students who have not given CMET, in the same way, for allotment of admission to 1191 students in 3 colleges in MCA, by registering separately, admission procedure for 301 seats has become vacant. Thus, action has to be taken.

Order to merge schools with less than 50 numbers in adjacent schools. Classes of Std. 6 and 7 of 21 schools of Morbi district have been shifted to adjoining schools. In schools with wide facilities in Std. 6 and within and in the interest of Std. Students, more facilities in the side of Std. 6 and 7 classes, subject teachers in Std. 6 to 8, Std. 1 to Std. .2 and 3 orders to merge in the primary school. In order to merge the schools with the order of the education department for the purpose, in Morbi district, out of 21 schools, 12 in Morbi taluka, Tankara work has been started where standard 9 and 8 are in both talukas, 8 in Wankaner taluka and less than 20 in upper primary standard. Malia taluka has 5, and Halwad students have subject teachers and more number. Therefore, these 31 schools got the benefit of Std. 9 taluka 9 schools with the facility of total 21 schools and district primary Have been shifted.R.T.E. Orders have been issued.

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