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Tuesday 20 October 2020

Unit test organized by the District Education Officer's Office |Standard: - 11 (Science stream)

 Unit test organized by the District Education Officer's Office |Standard: - 11 (Science stream)

Principals all

The link of the unit test organized by the District Education Officer's Office is sent along with this. It has to be sent/forwarded to every student through WhatsApp. This link has also been sent to all the school mails.

Hello teacher friends as well as all the visitors on the blog, I am especially happy to say that the questions of our teachers have been brought to the notice of the Director.

 And out of the three questions we know about the three questions that we know about, the question of fixed salary as well as the matter of consecutive jobs as well as other special ones for our solution, we demanded pension again instead of the PF scheme which is applicable.  If this is our main issue then we have been invited by the government today. Let's see in detail.

Standard: - 11 (Science stream)

Subject: - Biology

Unit: 12. Mineral nutrition

Total marks: 25

Date: 20/10/20

Time: 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m

Test Link For Students

Subject: - Biology unit: 12. Mineral nutrition Click here

Subject: - Biology Unit: 11. Carrying in plants Click here

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