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Thursday 29 October 2020



In the case of primary teacher and education assistant, the rules of transfer can be changed in the district by changing the husband or wife of the officer on duty in Gandhinagar.  Performing Officer - In the rules of transfer of husband Hayek and primary teacher of the employee or wife can be transferred in Ahmedabad district.  Act has been announced.  Accordingly, in addition to the non-transferable character, for the purpose of transfer, the seniority of Std.  Will remain.  According to the latest amendment in the department, the non-replacement teacher of the secretariat cadre will have to be transferred to another school.  Vadh Trikarmachari - When the husband or wife of the officer is changing the primary teacher incident, the teacher who has a qualification of Dharan 1 to 5 as a district or town education committee) must fill the vacancy of standard 1 to 5 in his Gandhinagar district.  Provision has also been made for the subject teacher gay for standard 6 to 8.  In which the employee-officer who is being killed should be placed in the school where there is a vacancy in the subject where he has completed 4 consecutive years of service in the closed office.  There is also a provision for non-transferable status if the husband or wife is acting as a new hike in the transfers that take place at the time of merging the primary school teacher or Vidya school.  Accordingly, in the district-town education committee, the number of net vacancies available in the district of Rajna's place or for any other reason can be changed depending on one of them.  When a school or class at Gandhinagar is merged with another school, the posts of the head office are merged with the school to which the Gandhinagar students are sent only and after adding the number of students in the school the officer working in them is not transferable except in Dhingar.  Establishment will have to be calculated.  In the same way, in case of wife from Std. 1, it can be changed in the same way.  So the establishment of five and standard 6 to 8 will have to be fixed.




Effect of Corona: Out of 13093 science colleges, 9800 seats will be allotted on November 2, the number of out-of-town students has decreased due to Corona epidemic. Provisional merit list has been declared for Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad supplementary examination students. If there is any error in this merit list, 25 science colleges affiliated to 7th Gujarat University have been instructed to inform the university online in October. So far, two rounds have been completed for 1908 seats. The second has come in the third round on November. At the end of two rounds, 20 seats are vacant. Now the college will be allotted. Students will have to re-register for admission in science colleges by November 3 to confirm their admission by paying the fee to the bank. Thus, students who passed the supplementary examination were instructed. Even after the admission was allotted, on the basis of 8, a provision was announced today that 5,000 seats would be vacated in the Provisional Meritlist Supplementary Examination. In which 300 students. Being seen. In this regard, the admission student has been included in the provisional merit list, say the members of the committee. Now on the second of November next year 300 students will be allotted a large college of outstation students every year. In the number of 8 science colleges affiliated to the Science University of Gujarat University, 1508 colleges are taking admission. Corona epidemic seats are available this year. Due to two online rounds for these seats, out-of-town students have been completed in colleges in Ahmedabad and one reshuffling round has been completed. Std- avoiding admission. Apart from this, after the results of 12 science supplementary examinations of science colleges were declared, the inclination for admission in pharmacy colleges this year has also increased as the number of students who have passed the examination has increased by taking PINs. Students were instructed to register instead of science colleges. Trying to get into the pharmacy today.




Changes in the rules for the transfer of 2 lakh primary school teachers. Std. 1 to 8 teachers will not be placed in Std. 6 to 8, seniority will be considered separately.  A new category has been added in the transfer of duty special cases in the primary schools of the state. Approximately two lakh non-transferable employees of the secretarial staff or the spouses of the officers who are serving as senior primary teachers in the transfer rules have been changed in Gandhinagar district.  The new rule was a provision to change in special cases.  However, till now, only teachers of Std. 1 to 8 benefited from this rule.  However, now in other cases the category has also been added to be included in Std-6 to 8.  In which Gujarat government will not come.  The seniority of both Secretariat Services, Gujarat Public Service Commission and Gujarat High Court will be considered separately.  Due to the employment of employees or officers appointed in various positions, the transfer of primary teachers will now be easier to transfer to their teacher spouse after completion of three years.  Will be given so far.  In Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad districts, appointments can be made on the basis of vacancies in Std. 1 to 8 as consecutive units.  Apart from this, the women have got a big relief from the benefit of seniority as the district transfer is coming at a time when many teachers are being deprived during their deputation.  Their transfers were delayed.  A new rule has been added to prepare a separate establishment for Std. 1 to 8 and Std. 6 to 8 in the merging schools for the competitive examination for the recruitment of teachers after the establishment of 1st to 6th, 6th to 8th separate establishments in the merged schools.  .  In such a case if taking was started.  In the primary school divided into two parts from Std  If there are a total of 6 teachers in both the schools of Std. 1 to 8, then a common seniority list has to be made.  If there is a number of PTC teachers in the recruitment of Pana teachers as per the establishment in the merged school, they will have to be included in the same school.  Otherwise, the qualification was decided when sending the B.Ed or other place in Std. 6 to 8, the last ranked teacher on the basis of seniority will have to be replaced.  In which the seniority according to the date of birth if the graduation compulsory date is the same with the PTC of admission in the school.  Was done.  Although before this it would only be of Prc, recruitment was done by qualification.  So that the teacher was not changed in the circumstances of transfer due to qualification at that time in Std.  There were not enough teachers.  Therefore, in view of consecutive units of Education Std. 1 to 8, provision was made by the unit department in seniority as well.  Was counted in such circumstances.  Now, the new rule was to increase the number of teachers in Std.  Will remain.  If there is an increase, but there are pages from Std. 1, then other teachers in the replacement camp will be sent to another place as there is an increase in the number of teachers included in the upper primary.  Petition of 150 LRD personnel in the High Court against the new pension policy Ahmedabad: Include about 150 employees of Lokrakshak Dal in the old pension scheme instead.  An application challenging the new pension policy of the state government due to the new pension scheme will cause huge financial loss to the applicant in the High Court.  07.04.08.  After the hearing, the High Court sent a notice to the state government.  A further hearing in the case will be held in the coming days.  Issued an advertisement for the year post.  After all the procedures, after the announcement in 2009, after the appointment in the year 2006, in September and August of the year 2009, about 150 employees of the Lok Rakshak Dal have recruited 3000 people with a fixed salary of Rs.  The petitioner in the High Court demanded that, he was recruited as a year.  The Finance Department had implemented the new Pension Scheme of the New Pension Scheme (NPS) which came into force on 13.08.2008.

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