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Tuesday 29 September 2020



 The Government of Gujarat calls for its online application early in the academic year of the year so that poor and middle class children can get free admission in standard one in private primary schools in the state of Gujarat under RTE Act 9 and the entire process from application to child admission. This online process is the only way for a parent to enroll their child in a private primary school under the RTE Act 2006. The parent has to make an online application on RTE's web portal and submit a book of details after confirming all the details. The children are admitted to different private primary schools on the basis of merit. In the first round, if the child is not selected in the right school, the second round is also conducted by Karthik in 2009 so that each child gets admission in the second round and their choice. Otherwise another school nearby is also chosen so that both the parent and the child are satisfied with you That is why the second round of free admission in RTE Act 2009 Std-1 has been announced by the Education Department of the Government of Gujarat.

This instruction has been given for publicity from the district level regarding the selection of schools with vacancies for the second round of RTE Admission Process 2020 21.
                     In this regard, under Section 12 1 c of RTE Act 2009, the process of free admission of children belonging to weaker and disadvantaged groups in non-subsidized private primary schools in the academic year 2020 in Std-1 has been carried out online. Admission was allotted to 6,600 students whose applications were approved and who did not get admission in the first round of RTE admission process. Only those students who have vacancies under RTE will be allowed to apply for non-subsidized private primary schools from Monday 28 to 2020 9 will be given till Wednesday 2020 for which the parents of children deprived of admission in the first round will have to go to RTE's website web portal and click on the schools verification selection menu then login using the application number and date of birth to select the schools of their choice. The schools will have to be selected according to the order in which the applicants want to select the schools The second round of admission process will be carried out as per the rules keeping in view the schools which have been approved. With this in mind, arrangements have to be made for publicity in this regard from the district level as well as the helpline of your district should be started. The primary education officer has been informed

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